VST License Question (no answer from Steinberg)

I apologise if this has come up before but I haven’t been able to find an answer as yet.

I’ve had an eye on Absolute 3 for a while, but having checked through my current VST packs, I only lack 1 or 2 of the cheaper VST instruments which had me thinking about an upgrade question.

If you have the entire contents of Absolute 3 but the parts were purchased in separate license lots, would they; or could they be rolled into a single licence for Absolute 3, or is this out of the question?

If they can’t, then no big deal to me as I love all of my VSTs in any case :smiley:

Thank you for the help.

I suggest you send this question directly to Steinberg support by opening a support ticket through mySteinberg.
They handle license matters.

Thank you for your reply, I appreciate the help. I opened a ticket with Steinberg 3 weeks ago and it has been ignored so I’m bumping this thread with the hope that someone may be able to give me a definitive answer.

Basically, if they don’t have something for sale, then you can’t buy. afaik, they don’t customize.

You could sell each of your component licenses, I suppose, but it’s probably not worth the trouble.