VST Link ... Is it working and do I need to another C6

I saw some had about a cheap MacPro and it got my thinking about VST link … I have a couple of old UAD card and this MacPro is about 700$ so my questions are … do I need to buy another licence of Cubase 6 to Run VST LINK, Will I be able to use My Extra UAD Card and finally is it stable “Usable”

I someone tried that already please let me know

My Main PC is a MacPro late 2008 the used one is a 2007 I was thinking of using my second ADAT pipe from my RME Fireface 800 and a old RME Hamerfall PCI card in the 2007 MacPro form the VST Link connection

Have a Nice Day

Depends on if you want to run it with Cubase 6 - You need any system link capable host. The manual has a dedicated chapter on System link, with all its requirements