VST listed but not available


I have a strange issue and would appreciate someone better informed helping me out!

I have recently loaded two VST instruments (Waves Grand Rhapsody and Toontrack ezd2). Both show up in the VST instrument tab and have associated dll file or equivalent. However, the list to the right which equates to the instruments available in an Instrument track omit them and, indeed, when I load an instrument track they are not available for use.

Neither is in the blacklist and both play perfectly as standalone instruments. I have tried uninstalling and loading to a new drive but same problem so I am convinced there is something about my cubase process that is at the root of the issue. I have included a screenshot.

What am I doing wrong?

Looking at your screenshot, just drag the said VST over to the right VST Instruments box.

It happens sometimes and is probably a bug, that they are not automatically enabled.

Thank you so much for your help - all good!