VST Live 1.1.41 - Bug feedback/report

Two major problems still present and a third nd fourth one that maye be there since several versions (?):

  1. VST2 Processing/Multi-Outputs

NI Battery V4/ our VST2 plugin is no more silent and is perfectly routable with multi-outputs inside VST Live now in general. But the following (reproducable) errors happen:

  • when used as a shared instrument on layers, the fifth layer/instance produces a crash/shutdown of any audio output from the plugin. Until the fifth layer/share/part/instances everything works as it shoudl. After that, the audio output gets cut of silent completely and can be heard only a random times. Only way to get it to work as supposed to is when removing all parts from a track an only having one part/instance at all or using it as “normal” stereo output version …
    additonally the “routing button” on the left side of the plugin dissapears too in connection with the reproducable error behaviour.

  • when used in general (no matter how many instances / layers), the whole vst live projects crashes almost every time, when trying to save and shutting down the porgram in a clean/normal way.
    vst live crashes, removes the . vslrp file and only leave the .bak version. all works fine without a vst 2 plugin in the project

fyi: not any of that two behaviours are reproducable when using grooveagent se in the exact same ways

  1. global/stacks still missing

like i already tried to describe here

  1. messed up (wave) import from cubase vlsprj export projects
  • import of bigger “real” life projects with nonlinear edited wave footage regularly led to complete loss of all audio tracks in the vst live projects after some time. at some (repodruceable) point all wave tracks were empty, silent and even hadnt any waveform at all

  • we “dumbed” down all our projects to a format where we removed all arranger parts, chord tracks, etc.by making full complete and new staple exports /bounces of those projects with new “full lenght and linear” wave files and automatically generated new cubase projects. we did this for avoiding the above mentioned problem we had several times now which ment a loss of hours of work every time…all cubase projects work fine of course and have no plugin or similar present. all stock!
    but even those new “dumbed down” projects with new full lenght linear wave files dont work a 100%. we have used a total of 8 tracks/projects with apx. 25-40 tracks each. for about 90% it works fine, but some random tracks import wave files from other/wrong tracks/source folders, despite never having beeen in the cubase export/vlsprj/source folder at all .
    those files have than to be removed manually and than reimport the corrsponding wrong tracks by hand from the corresponding audio folder.
    this source folder written into the “vlsprj” export file does always contain the “right / missing” file but never the “wrongly” imported :person_shrugging:

  1. midi import: empty files
  • when dragging and dropping a / the midi file into a project or doing so via the import/menu the
    imported midi file is completely blank. no notes, CCs, program changes or anything at all visible or present

  • only when importing the midi file within the a complete cubase vlsprj export project, the content of the file is present

we generated this midi file (some CCs and a program change) in cubase for automating the switching of parts on our external quad cortex which is used for guitars and bass. in cubase everything works like charm. even reimporting (child) the exported midi file behaves like the original (parent).

Overall we are very glad and happy with your fast updates and patches and we love the program and its (theroetical) possibilities!
But sadly at the moment everything feels a bit like we are beta testers although we fully paid for a “release” program.
we really want to use this soon for our live rehearsals as preapration for upcoming shows, but despite being labeled as “VST” live, the most problems (for us) seem to come from vst plugins of 3rd partys …
sadly groove agent was only included as se version, guess we are forced to buy the “full” groove agent too for full price if we want a (hopefully) reliable solution.
And we are still talking about just trying to “make music” … not even in reach of using the light and video features :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

… do you crash logs for us? Do you know where to find them?

… will be fixed with the next update

… can you give us (or send with a PM) your Cubase project file. We only need the cpr file

… can you give us such a midi file?

… do you have some more infos for that one?

… Groove Agent SE is not part of VST Live. It’s part of Cubase. You can run it in VST Live because you have an activated Cubase license.

See you

nope…we dont know how to yet. but we will gladly provide you with them if you point us the direction


here you are
Archiv2.zip (451.1 KB)

here you go. the midi file & the cubase file & the vslrpj export/transfer
Archiv.zip (19.3 KB)

yes for sure. like mentioned in my other threads/feedbacks we mostly struggle with battery v4 from native instruments. especially since the multi output inclusion. other ni plugs that use normal stereo out (e.g. massive) work fine.

yep i see. my/our bad. the wish was probably the father of the thought resp. we indeed messed up the origin with our cubase 12 pro license. but anyways groove agent “full version” seems to be the better/ more reliable horse to bet on than battery from NI :sweat_smile:

Thanks for your quick response!

win : C:\Users\YourUserName\Documents\Steinberg\CrashDumps
macOS : macOS : /Users/Your_Username/Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports


vstlive_2023-01-27-172120_MacBook-Air-von-Low.cpu_resource.diag.zip (8.8 KB)

Hope thats the file you ment.

we could narrow the problem/bug a little bit more down. reason for the wrong linking of wav footage seem to be connected to waves having the exact same name, despite coming from different source folders and living in different songs withing our vst live project.

Song a/ source folder a/ git_chords.wav ← gets mixed up with → Song b/ source folder b/ git_chords.wav

this behaviour even returns to false state after correcting it manually, savin gthe project and reopnening it.

Indeed, I have the same behavior. I’m forced to create a full event to see the full track in VST Live

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Okay, Kind of „glad“ to get this confirmed by another User. I mean getting confirmed the problem, as well as the Workaround or temporary fix (wouldnt call it a real solution).

Was starting to Doubt myself despite using cubase for Almost two decades :joy:
Thanks for your reply.

… oh, sorry. We’ll fix that.


I ran 10 Layers using shared(!) Battery 4 of Layer 1, connected to 8 outputs.
I highly doubt that the Layers which share the instrument have any impact on anything, because they just do a bit of MIDI processing. What you describe sounds much more like you run several instances (not shared) and run into CPU problems (audio chopped). However I see almost no CPU load, so the second possibility is that you run out of memory and the system starts to swap. Pls check cpu, and memory monitoring.

Maybe you let us know what your project looks like, i.e. 5 Parts in 1 Song (?), each sharing Instrument of Song 1 Part 1 Layer 1 or the like. Or send a vlprj file.

That’s weird. Maybe because of lack of memory, pls check that first. But shared Layers don’t eat any significant amount of CPU or memory.

What version of VST Live are you using?
And which VST2 plugins cause these problems? We certainly test a lot, including all sorts of VST2 plugins. If we saw anything remotely close to what you describe, we’d certainly not publish it. Pls. let us know which plugins cause these problems.
We did solve some minor problems with the upcoming version, but nothing of that sort.

Just a selection problem fixed and discussed elsewhere (use arrow keys to select Global Part).
3. has been discussed and resolved as well.
Thankls for helping us find out which VST2 plugins cause problems.

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We ran shared layers for 100% sure! And: before we knew that shared layers existed at all, we had up to 20+ instances of battery v4 running… problems came in conjunction with the “multi output feature” and the “vst 2.0” patch of the last two versions. CPU usage is very low (and was even with 20+ unshared instances before. oru 16gb ram, are fine too. maybe it hast something to do with the m1 chip of our macbook? as i remeber even cubase only shortly support this compeltetly?

Our set consists of 8 songs. Each song has about 5-7 parts. Only vst instrument present is/was one instance of battery per song. Shared through the complete song as shared layer.

:person_shrugging: :sweat_smile: i know

please see title of this/my thread: " VST Live 1.1.41 - Bug feedback/report

like written at the beginnging of this thread in my first post, second sentence/ first described bug: we use NI Battery V4/ as our VST2 plugin. if you saw nothing of that sort: may we ask what system you used? windows machine? mac machine?

#copythat! as a workaorund/ temp fix global now is selectable like before, after defining the keys. but still not clickable like before the last update(s) or like songs and parts.

point 3 was discussed above by us. and we found a temporary fix/wokraound by ourselfs. so far that is true. but i wouldnt call that “resolved” in terms of a working program or a professional solution …

and like @Spork wrote above as a representative for steinberg: " … oh, sorry. We’ll fix that."

You are welcome. Glad if we can help! although we are in the meantime strongly considering to switch back to NI maschine or at least having to buy groove agent full version, to avoid any more hassle and spending time on bug fixing and workarounds instead of getting on with our music and playing live.

Could you pls. elaborate on this, never got what the GA (SE) issue is all about?

Sure, will gladly do that. We need Battery 4 due to its Round Robin and other advanced features. But Battery 4 doesnt really work yet in VST Live. We have a Groove Agent SE licence derived from our Cubase 12 pro, but Groove Agent SE doesnt support all the features we need , so we would need to buy the full Version of GA on top to VST Live to get everything going.
Hope that makes it a little more clear.

Got it, thanks. Seems Micha knows more than me :slight_smile:

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