VST Live 1.1.42 Pre-Release


we would like to let you participate more in the development process of VST Live. That’s why we decided to publish more pre-releases here.

This time we release version 1.1.42 and you can download it here. If you found new bugs or bugs which are not fixed, please create a new thread and title it with [1.1.42].

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Hi Spork. I’ve found another issue with Live.
I’ve noticed that the mixer settings are also saved with each new part. I thought the mixer was independent from any changes made in a song. The problem with this is that if a microphone level needs to be turned up or down, it will be impossible to do so because those setting will revert right back to where they were when the next part kicks in. So there is no way to have manual control over mixer levels when we are playing live. The main problem is control over feedback problems in a loud stage environment. If we can’t control feedback, the gig is over there & then.

Mixer levels need to be independent of any changes made in the song parts. There is no need for adjustments or automation on the mixer, we need to make changes & keep them when playing live.


Some levels are Song or Part related, others not. Group and Output Channels are global.
Audio Input is available for Audio Tarcks, and Stacks. Tracks are Song related, Stacks are Part related. Whatever is active is visible in the Mixer, except for transitions where Stacks remain active until their sustain phase is over.

We cannot control gains of hardware inputs, so you will have to manage those by yourself. So what would you suggest? If you have 40 Songs each with 2 Parts a 1 Stack, and 2 audio input Tracks, you cannot expect those 160 channels to be visible in the mixer all the time?

So if we assign tracks to a group, those levels are global & independent from part changes? If so, that’s a simple workaround. We can just assign input channels to a group & oversee from there.

Thank you

Not that each Song automatically connects to the Song Group Channel (which has the Songs name). So if you create a Group Channel (which is always global) and route the Song Bus Channel to that, you have all tracks connected to that Group by default.

Thanks for the Update! Any Details What is new/patched? Is there a changelog?

… please visit vstlive.net and you will find a version history.



Got it. Thanks @Spork