VST Live 1.1.52 Pre-Release


It’s Friday again. Let’s continue with our next Pre-Release : 1.1.52

You can download it here . You also can find a Version History there. If you found new bugs or bugs which are not fixed, please create a new thread and title it with [1.1.51].

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Guys! still feel lucky be a part of developing this lovely product. I work on MAC with C12pro, but the “VSTLive-show-laptop” is a windows one, so I feel sorry if one or some things are windows related only. A few things I’m still facing:

  • If I rename “MAIN” audio output to e.g.: OUT1+2, have an OUT3+4, VSTLive creates a third output as “MAIN” regardless I save last working state before without any output named as “MAIN”. To be more precise, “MAIN” is created whenever it can’t be found, even if no mixer outs are assigned anything that named to “MAIN” out and all of outs are assigned to “EelseThanMAIN”. (No doubt, we can live with this keep in mind, don’t touch output “MAIN”)

  • Assuming “we” usually work with pro audio devices, but VSTLive seems to be strugling with Realtek ASIO. That means a hard work to use onboard Realtek output when only backing track is enough for practicing, etc… Play btn green, but not starting in most cases, even app can freeze out. Starting with pro-audio-device, VSTLive runs better, changing back to RealtekASIO: green play btn, no play, no playhead run again.

  • At Cubase there is a “Project Settings” where project “Sample rate” can be set and forces sound-device use it (48k, 44.1k, 96k, etc). That thing was always a pain in the @ss using windows, but VSTLive seems to have even less power over the sound device sample rate settings than e.g. Cubase. There is a sample rate dropdown in “Devices/Audio Setup” and one in “Edit/Preferences” but each meight modify itself. I didn’t spent much time to figure out all the circumstances but to make it more clear you to see: I never use 44.1kHz as sample rate, but using 48k instead. Therefore I surely know if anything jumps anything else than 48k, it shound’t be my choice. At Cubase I always get a reminds if accidentally soundcard (- because of any reason -) has different setting and what to do next (modify project sample rate, or set soundcard sample rate). I think, if I set a given VST Live project’s sample rate to 48k, application should do it’s best to keep my project settings. I don’t know if that makes sense / understandable how I explain to you?

  • is there any practical reason L R locators are dropped to 1-162 bars for all newly created songs?

  • Horizontal zoom is working with Ctrl, with Alt Gr, with Shift+Alt,
    BUT can’t invoke Vertical zoom on my win laptop (at least I can’t).

  • DMX “key editor view”. Draw (pencil) grabbing a value, holding mouse-left on the value at the bottom line, pulling pencil up, decreases value, pulling down, increases. Working mirrored.

Thank you very much your great work,

For audio drivers ASIO4ALL has worked better for me than realtek one, so maybe try that one.
I solved the sample rate jumping by setting up 48khz from windows audio setup, so it matches with my audio programs settings

@Jari_Junttila : on the same laptop, licensed Cubase 12pro and Reaper are running ok (same RealtekASIO). VST Live also not forcing pre defined project sample rate to my Audient nor UAD devices, while Cubase and Reaper does.

(testing with

  • new project
  • rename “MAIN” to “Out1+2”
  • add audio output
  • name new output “Out3+4”
  • no MAIN created.

So how do you do it?

This is new to me, will test it. It’s a “hack” though, you need to extract it from Dell audio driver, correct? Anyway, I’d recommend the Generic Low Latency ASIO driver, or ASIO4All instead.

If I understand you correctly you are missing an attempt to set sample rate to the (saved) project sample rate, correct? Will check. There are 2 problems: a) every Song is like a Cubase project and saves its own sample rate. If you change it, we need to propagate it to all Songs. And b) not all audio interfaces allow an application to set its sample rate, but most do. As said, will check this, thanks for pointing it out.

I don’t have that. Probably, you saved a default Song at some point with those settings?
Default is bar 5 to bar 9.

Will check.

Cannot reproduce, is that still so with the latest version?

Thanks for reporting!

If it is beeing modified, then that’s because the ASIO driver tells it to. Select a rate and it sends it to the driver; driver reports back a rate and that is what’s beeing displayed. If the driver refuses to set as required there is nothing that we can do about it.
In any case, from the next version on, VST Live will save and restore the project sample rate.

Hi @musicullum ! I’ve tried to do my best, screen recording all moovements.
I hope the forum will accept video files, where exceeding upload limit, OneDrive link is placed. Using VST Live as this was the most recent a few days ago.

Just for reference to: on the same laptop, same time, Cubase handles all devices such as Generic low lateincy, Realtek, Audient… Asking devices use saved settings for sample rate, etc…
One Drive Link to video from Cubase …

VST Live sample rate behaviour. You can see, how sample rate is jumping with changing device regardless I made my choice once:

Generic ASIO (that you suggeste) fails, Realtek is buggy. Pressing “Space bar” Play btn green but not playing, by stop, playhead jump backwards…

MAIN is re-created with test project:

MAIN also being recreated with my “Live” project:

I didn’t notice this earlier: Clicking on “Close” in FILE dropdown seems to be a dummy only. It isn’t do anything:

Pencil direction mirrored in DMX editor:

I paste here the OneDrive link for all videos above if the forum engine would fail with the large files:
OneDrive link for Felician’s screen captures - 2023marc04

True, fixed with next version.

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It closes the active window. If only the main window is open it does nothing.

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What you mean “fails”?

What you mean “fails”?

You’ve suggested using Generic Low latency ASIO instead of Realtek. But it seems to fail with VST Live. (for reference: same setup, Cubase can use booth when selected).

I have no problems switching to Generic Low Latency Driver.