VST Live 1.1.53 Pre-Release

… do you find more crash logs? Every crash log is helpful.

Thank you,

None at this time, but I can create one at will. My guess is that they will be nearly identical.


But you still haven’t added the line tool in the DMX editor, so we still can’t draw fade ins & fade outs or control motors on relevant fixtures like moving heads! I’m puzzled as to why you’re not realising how important this is in any “DMX editing software”. We also STILL can’t colour or rename DMX channels either. I have 394 DMX channels, I need to know what I’m looking at! There is also still no way to set numeric values to each automation point. There is also no absolute maximum when you click & drag an automation point, the value keeps looping between maximum & zero to maximum. You’ve left so much out on the DMX editor & it’s such a shame because the rest of the software is amazing. These things need to be your top priority. Until you’ve added these long requested features, the software is unusable. They should’ve been included before the software was released!