VST Live 1.1.54 Pre-Release


and it’s Friday again! A new Pre-Release 1.1.54 is online.

You can download it here . You also can find a Version History there. If you found new bugs or bugs which are not fixed, please create a new thread and title it with [1.1.54].

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Hi @Spork ,

It seems, I have instablilty issues. I can reproduce this as many times, as u wish.
Hit play, press stop, not stopping, hanging… Unfortunatelly It isn’t generating crash dump that could help you. So I quickly attach my screen rec.

The inverse drawing issue still exists at DMX sub-windows with pencil in hand:

Have nice day,

Hi @fkalmus,

the inverse DMX-Editing is fixed. Next Update. We are still investigating your playback problem. Do you think it is possible to give us your project? Sometimes it is much easiere to analyse it directly in the “problematic” project. You can PM if you like. Use the “Menu / File / Save archive” function.


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Hi @Spork ,

I will do my best try to locate issue. Yesterday I had to change back to my Reaper session at my live concert due the repeating freezing issue at sound-check. Even installing back 1.1.53 didn’t help. I was creatating the screen recording to this forum this morning after reinstalling 1.1.54. I switched on my laptop again in the afternoon to do my best for troubleshooting, but the issue just gone, couldn’t catch again.

(important info as I wrote before, booth Cubase 12 pro, Reaper are running rock solid with the same setup. Just to be sure we meight focust instability isssues to VSTLive for now).

Therefore I would ask your patience until I can locate the possible circumstances.

Ps: laptop opened at 20:30. Play … pressing Stop, app hung → quit with TaskManager. Restart app, no problem ?! And I could repeat this game having booth success and failure … ???
@Spork “great news” I could create a “slim” project that also reproduces that kind of not-responding. @musicullum If you remember, I mentioned Video file that is played smoothly in Reaper, in VLC, in Resolume Arena 7, but is ggg-lll-it-cccc-h-yy playing with VSTLive. I put problematic video in video tracks, so you guys will have the opportunity to check it also.

Here is a video about issue of Cyrcle range selection action (“P”-key) that meight still have some bug:

Also found some bug regarding iOS app, not-following lyrics:

I’m exporting my slimmed project and will try to PM to your account.

You just selected a Part, right? And from then on it didn’t react anymore.
Pls. try again with the next version, we changed Part selection while transport is started. And the DMX drawing has also been fixed.

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Dear @musicullum ,
Although I will try that you’ve suggested, the video i posted on 12. marc, shows that none of tracks were selected. Find my post above right after @Spork’s announce about 1.1.54, content is starting with:

There meight be some further condition that kills the App, just could not catch the reason. Loading project, hit play where it is, hit shop (going to select other song) and that is enough… Same project, same laptop, opening again, and no issue… Really “X-files” :cry:

I was speaking of Parts, not tracks. Right before the hang, your mouse hovers over a Part and I suspected that you attempted to select it - which may have caused the freeze such that it couldn’t show a changed (selected) state anymore.

Pls try again next version. If those problems persist we will try to narrow it.

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@musicullum srry for mixing up parts / tracks.
Negative, it was just a hovering through, didn’t select any items/parts/events.
Clicked on PLAY at 00:32, clicked STOP in 00:35, playhead stopping also. This is the last moment, the app was running ok. Basically the app itself stopped responding afterwards I’ve clicked STOP and playhead cursor stopped. I hope it helps you see more.

Sure! can’t wait next update.

@fkalmus, please try the latest Pre-Release 1.1.54 here


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Hi! I’m on it. Let me get back to this later after testing 1.1.55 a few times!

Hi! It seems, this little one is still tricking us even with 1.1.73.
The last video posted above is presenting: when selecting multiple events they not starting the same place, “P” can’t clearly understand it as one complete selection.

Not a big deal at all, I hope just touching the code sometime can fix this :slightly_smiling_face: