VST Live 1.1.86 Pre-Release


yes, it’s not Friday and a new Pre-Release 1.1.86 is online. Why? We have improved the setlist editor a lot and listened to your requests. We would like to know if the editor goes into the right direction and so we give the latest version back to you.

You can download it here . You also can find a Version History there. If you found new bugs or bugs which are not fixed, please create a new thread and title it with [1.1.86].

Thank you so much for your help,


Dear @Spork ,

Lovely improvements, thanks for the hard work of Yours :slight_smile: and have a nice rest of the week!

Tiny things just rapidly looking the update at 22:40:

  • setlist always jumps to (in left column) the very first setlist when opening “SETLIST” editor, independently from activated one / last-selected one. Meight be practical “remember” last activated/selected in left-column-setlist-listing.

  • Can’t get Sync buttom remain “pressed” when opening “SETLIST-editor-windows” again, but it seems it does it’s job vice-versa perfectly, Really like the implementation (saw the long posts / discussing about) :clap:

  • Special THANKS for search field and fancy decreased-sized fonts :slight_smile:

This is definitely the right direction, thank you for this nice mid-week surprise!

Unfortunately, I can’t get the Select Setlist action to work. I presume it should activate the chosen Setlist…

The Setlist number just before each name is not refreshed when we delete a Setlist, but only when creating a new one.

The other odd behaviour is that when I manually activate a setlist, a new one from current songs is automatically created.

I know now that VL will fit all my needs, sooner or later!

Right, and it does here. What doesn’t work as expected? Can we reproduce this?

True, on our list. The Setlist index is relevant for the “Select Setlist” action, setlists will be re-sorted (and can be sorted via drag and drop) with the next update.

When you activate a Setlist, you are (more: were) beeing presented with a message box telling you that activating a setlist will overwrite the current one, and which offers the option to save the current Playlist to a new Setlist. When you say “Yes” and then “Don’t show again”, it will always create a new Setlist from the current Playlist.
a) goto preferences/user interface and remove said message
b) we will remove this altogether and just provide a warning (with “Don’t show again”), as now we have undo.

I really like the new Setlist funcionality!
Maybe it would be best to have the common options names: New, Duplicate, Delete, Rename. Today I was distracted and deleted a setlist hitting the"-".
By the way, there should be a prompt “are you really sure you want to delete this setlist” :wink:
And the activate button shouldn´t be in the setlist column? (the left one) and also activate a setlist by double clicking? Double clicking enables renaming but how many times do I need to rename a setlist? This funtion should be assigned to a much more used function as opening a setlist and right click for renaming.
I mean, all these are conventions that most programs share to make the experience more intuitive.

I need to activate Setlists using CC32, but this has no effect. I also tried with PC and notes with no more results…

My Midi controller is okay, the Midi Monitor shows the received messages.

By the way, I think it’s a nonsense to allow keystrokes for actions like Song Select or Setlist Select, since there is no value sent over a keyboard character.


I haven’t paid enough attention to that prompt. Now I get it!

Thanks a lot and have a great FRIDAY! :smile:

Unfortunately you are right. Will fix asap.

Good point. The keystroke will cause the action to be triggered as if data2 was zero, which might come in handy sometimes though.

There is undo.

Will check, thanks!

Will fix, thanks.

Will check.

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It depends. I select a setlist and edit the right column, then activate. That attempts to follow the workflow left to right. But your point is valid too, otoh there is not much space in the UI anyway :slight_smile:

We don’t want to change a common workflow like double click. The user expects it to be used for renaming like everywhere else. Counter-argument: one does not activate a setlist very often either :slight_smile: