VST Live 1.1 Bug 2

If you change the tempo different to 120 BPM, the lineal change not in a accurate way a shows wrong signiture values eg. 3.4 and instead 4.1

Hi @Lutz_Grosser,

could you please create a screenshot and share it with us? It’s hard to get it reproduced.

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here the screenshots. It happens on my both computers (one with WIN10 & i9-7900X & NVDIA GeForce RTX3060) and (WIN10 &i7-2670QM & NVIDIA Quadro 100M).

The time signature of the song was 4/4. The lineal works fine with 120BPM with 126BPM it shows wrong values.

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Desktop.zip (88.1 KB)

… thank you! We’ll fix it for the next update,

I have the same kind of issue with Tempo Track.
If I create first all my parts, then I create the Tempo Track with all Tempo changes, the triggers keep the same value (in the Part side), but the “time position” as well as the timeline in the tempo track are not correct.

After adding tempo changes:

Workaround : I have to create one by one the part with its own tempo change.

@Lutz_Grosser, we fixed both problems.
@magicguigui , it’s fixed, too.

Update coming soon

Regarding Time markers in Notes:
1- If cycle is activated the marker just follows the cycle once, then stays in last marker.
2- If I have the ruler set to bars the Marker notes should be shown in bars not in seconds.
3- It should be possible to insert time markers from Notes view without having to swap to Track view, set the cursor position, then go back to Notes view, then go back to Track view, etc…

True and fixed.

Also true and also fixed.

Somebody suggested a list of Notes Markers to edit, we consider that.
For now you can use transport controls, also you can detach any view (arrow at top right).

Hi @Spork ,
Issue has not been fixed into V1.1.10, right ?

… that’s correct. The fix is available for the next one.


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