VST live 1.1 bugs

I have several issues. At first place, when I try to go full screen all becomes to slow, nearly the app crashes. Secondly, I cannot stop the playback. When I hit the stop button it just rewind for 1 bar and then keep playing. I am on a macbook air m1, Monterey, no controllers for the moment. Same issues even if I switch to Rosetta.

Seems that the play/stop transport issue started from the M32 controller settings & assignments I used back in the project. I reassigned to the space bar to the macbook air keyboard and now seems to be ok.

Still the issue here, when going full screen. The app freezes and I get another window, full black except from the one of the program. Any help please?

When I quit the program I get the following


  1. Can you reproduce your problem with your controller? Maybe the “Rewind” Action had also an assignment?
  2. If you create a simple project (Start VL, New Project), will it freeze or un-responsive after you enter full screen?
  3. We need the crash log. Please always click to “Report…” and tell us the crash-log. And you should find more crash-logs here.
    The names of the file are “vstlive*.crash”. Can you zip the files and send them to us? Attach them here or send me the files (m.spork ( at ) steinberg.de)

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thanks for the reply.

  1. I will try it later. For the moment I am trying to solve the freezing issue.
  2. So, I create a new project and imported the wav file everything worked fine. (even if I cannot change sample rate to 48khz). I quit the program with no crash. Then I started VL and loaded the same project. I click to full screen and it freezes again.

vstlive-2022-10-29-162520.ips (38.7 KB)
vstlive-2022-10-29-170743.ips (33.4 KB)
vstlive-2022-10-29-182255.ips (36.8 KB)

Hi Michael,
any news for the full screen bug ?

… one of your crash log could be fixed with the upcoming update. It has crashed when you closed VL.
… but the full screen one? That’s really strange. It only happens with a loaded project? And this one has an audio file loaded? it doesn’t matter which audio file? And is the TRACKS view visible while you are changing to full screen? Any tiny hint is helpful :slight_smile:


Hi Michael! To clear it out…i have two separate m1 systems…one of them hangs completely and needs to be force quit. the other just takes about a minute to actually get to full screen from the moment i click it and in the meantime playback resumes but the whole app is unresponsive. This happens with any VST Live window going full screen.

… your crash logs telling me that you are running a MacBookAir10,1 (MacBook Air (M1, 2020)) with macOS 12.6 - which version exactly, please? And is an external monitor connected? Are you full-screen VL to the external one?
… does it matter which VL-Tab is visible (LAYERS, TRACKS, …)?

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… no external monitor connected
… it doesn’t matter which VL-tab is visible. Any tab that goes full screen makes the app unresponsive.
My laptop is
Hardware Overview:

Model Name: MacBook Air
Model Identifier: MacBookAir10,1
Chip: Apple M1
Total Number of Cores: 8 (4 performance and 4 efficiency)
Memory: 16 GB
System Firmware Version: 7459.141.1
OS Loader Version: 7459.141.1