VST Live 1.1 Viewer Module not resizable?

I’ve not touched VST live for about 3 months. I was so appalled with the first release.

I noticed that 1.1 had been released and that there had also been a few point releases.

Sadly, the standard seems about the same. What is this? Shocking, thats what it is.

UPDATE: Ok. So if you resize the outer window, you can make it bigger, but you have to have a massive black border on the right hand side. Why can it not just fill the window it’s embedded into?

… VST Viewer 1.0.10 will fix that. It will also have zoom controls. Coming soon,

Btw a workaround until then is to not use hi Dpi (menu File/Use High Resolution), or set display scaling to 100%. No excuse, just a tip to work around the problem. As Micha pointed out, a fix is on the way.

Can someone explain to me what is the VST viewer intended for?
Just to view PDF files? A window that opens separated, that cannot be resized, which its position is not remembered…
What would I need in a live session a big PDF windows over the setlist and tracks views for?
Couldn´t it be embeded in the Notes view or in the right or lower zones?
I´m not complaining I really just don´t get it.

Of course it will be sizable, zoomable, and remember its position. You can also learn and use MIDI for next/previous page. You will probably want to use it in an extra window (or on another screen), so embedding is usually not what you want for this application; for that, you can use the “Notes” module (which also allows for images to be embedded).

Btw the latter has a new “Time Marker” feature which makes the page position to that mark when the programmed transport time is reached.

I assigned the soft pedal to turn to the next page in the PDF in viewer but instead of it going to the very next page it skips over the next page and instead goes to the next one after that. Not sure how to solve that. Thanks

Hi @andrew_hutnick,

it’s fixed. Question : Which hardware (soft pedal) are you using?

Thank you,

A Kurzweil pedal plugged into a SL 88 which works normally. I also tried assigning the page turn to a Korg NanoControl button with the same result

… I see. Thank you and sorry. VST Viewer 1.0.10 will fix it. It’s coming soon.


Thanks! Will being able to resize the page be in VST Viewer 1.0.10?

… yes, resize will work and we have added zoom in/out.


Is the VST Viewer only included with the VST Live Pro version?

… the VST Viewer is not part of VST Live Pro. It is a seperate product. VST Live Pro and VST Live Elements support the VST Viewer.

See you,

So VST Viewer is a seperate purchase that can be used with either VST Live Pro or Elements?

… the VST Viewer is free. And it can be used with VST Live Pro or Elements, yes.

Thanks for clarifying that. On the Steinberg website on the page that shows VST Live it looks like where they mention VST Viewer right below it says Pro . With other features they have Pro and Elements listed below. Which is why I was curious about that.

argh! I am sorry. My fault. The website is correct! The VST Live Module feature is only available with VST Live Pro. So the VST Viewer is only ready for VST Live Pro.


Hi Spork, I installed the VST Viewer, I could activate it in the Activation Manager, but where do I find the Application? Windows 11 is not showing up the app. The Installer is not showing the installation path!? How can I find/open the Viewer?

Hi @Detgyver,

application? The VST Viewer is a VST Live Module. Start VST Live, Click to the VIEWS Icons (upper right corner) to activate the MODULES tab. Select the MODULES Tab, add a Module and load VST Live Viewer. You can find more on page 69 in the updated updated manual.
Have you installed the VST Viewer with the Steinberg Download Assistant (SDA)? Maybe something went wrong? Please start the SDA and install the VST Viewer again.