VST Live 1.1, VST Live Trial and VST Viewer available

Dear all,

We are very glad to announce the immediate release of VST Live 1.1, VST Live Trial and the VST Viewer – our first VST Live Modules release.

VST Live 1.1 includes many new user-requested features such as Signature and Tempo Track, MIDI Learn, Modules Support and much more, alongside adding improvements and resolving user-reported problems.

To learn more, please visit the VST Live website and check out the Version History PDF which also can be found in the Steinberg Download Assistant.

Thank you very much for your great feedback so far!
We hope you will enjoy the new update, including VST Viewer!

Enjoy making music,


As far as I have tested it, there is no Midi CC or Midi PC editing possible in VST Live 1.1, right?

There sure is, you have pgm chg and bank select lsb/msb in each Layer.
Furthermore, each Layer has a controller map editor (menu Layers/Controller Map). This can now send a value for each (possibly mapped) controller when the layer is activated.
Finally, with Version 1.1, there are 8 freely assignable dials that can send any controller value (click the little dot to the lower left of the Layer editor).

WOW! What an awesome update! Thank You for your hard work and dedication to making VST Live one of the best software for live performances. I knew at launch that a company like Steinberg (Cubase, Nuendo, Dorico etc…) was going to create a very serious and capable program.

I’m sure the user community will still come up with plenty of ideas and requests to make it even better but it is obvious with this update 1.1 that you (Steinberg) are listening to the user suggestions and requests on this forum.

Unfortunately, the “song end action” function no longer works with this update :-/ Please Steinberg fix it!

windows 11

We will fix asap.

Is there a way to have Omni or ALL midi inputs active when I add a plugin? It seems to only give me the option for one Midi per plugin? I love what you are doing! Keep it up!! So exciting

Thank you.
You can only assign one MIDI Input to a Layer. However, you can use a shared Layer, and use it in multiple Layers with different inputs.

Sorry, I didn’t get it. If I want to change several program changes on different midi channels and also a lot of different Midi CC on different midi channels during a song, how do I realize this with layers? IMHO the best way is, to have a midi track, where I can edit midi pc and midi cc informations for different channels.

A Song holds Parts. Each Part can hold an arbitrary number of Layers. Each Layer has a complete map of MIDI cc that you can program to be mapped and also output a value when the Part is selected. Also, each Layer can send pgm chg and bank select lsb/msb explicitly and its output MIDI channel can be set. For each Instrument that you want to program, you create a Layer with all those settings.
You may record pc/cc on a MIDI track as well, but you cannot edit it yet.

And when will the midi data of a Layer be fired? Only on the start of the Part? What I miss is the time control of the midi cc data. I’ve several hardware effect pedals that have expression controls via midi cc. For example if I want to modulate every note on beat 3 of each bar in Part 1. How can I realize this with the layers?

Each Part can be assigned a trigger time (just move transport to desired position, then click into the Part “Trigger” field). During playback, when the trigger time for the Part is reached, all Layers fire whatever there is to fire.

That’s only possible by recording the pedals. If you want excessive modulation editing etc like this for playback, you are advised to perform those edits in Cubase, and export to VST Live.

How do you do that?
In the user manual of VST Live 1.1 you can read:
“Media Projects can be exchanged with data in/from Cubase and Nuendo Projects; they contain
the tracks of a song.”

As the exchange formats files of the types *.mediaprj and *.vlsprj are specified.
How can I import or export these formats in Cubase?

In Cubase File/VST LIve/Export
In VST Live File/Import Media Project.
You are given options to use the arranger track - if present - to divide into Songs or Parts.

Thx, @musicullum
Do I need to install a special module in Cubase to integrate the “VSTLive” into the file menu?

… that’s a bug. Sorry. The “VST Live” menu entry is only available if you are running Cubase in English language. We already fixed that and it will be available with the next update.


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So for me, I’ve come to the conclusion, that it’s much easier to use Cubase as my Live system. My main goal is to play some audio tracks/beats and to control my midi hardware on the timecode. I thought it would be nice to have a lyrics and metronome function with VST Live, but so far the midi editing isn’t useable for me. I have hundrets of midi commands for ten different devices for my live show. To use export / import function for every edit, is way to complicated.

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I’m sure there’s a simple answer but I’m damned if I can work it out:-
Installed VstViewer via the download manager. It doesn’t appear in the activation manager and if I add it as a module in VstLive Pro it says it’s not activated. Also tried a manual install from the download available on the website, same problem. So how do I activate it?
This is on a MacBook, Monterey 12.6

Hi @CliveJ,

you need a VST Viewer license in your Steinberg Activation Manager (SAM). Is it available? If not,
please visit the VST Live 1.1 website and watch out for the “GET VST VIEWER” button. Press that one and be sure to be logged in with your SteinberID account. The same which contains the VST Live Trial license. After you have visited the Viewer site, a license for the Viewer will be added to your SAM application.

Does it work?