VST Live 1.2 Update available

Dear all,

We are pleased to announce the release of VST Live 1.2

This version not only includes bug fixes but also many new features. For a detailed list of features and issue resolutions, please check out the Version History PDF files in the Steinberg Download Assistant.

To learn more about VST Live please click here .

The VST Live update can be downloaded via the Steinberg Download Assistant

And the manual is updated, too.

We hope you will enjoy using the new updates!

Enjoy making music,


Be great if you could post the list of fixes here.

Hi @JackJackdaw ,



… thank you, @fkalmus.

It is also located here


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But you STILL haven’t added any automation tools for the DMX editor. I asked for these features months ago. Why have you not updated the DMX editor yet??? As explained already, I can’t program my light show until the line tool has been added, so that I can draw fades. I have light fixtures (for example, moving heads) that require this. Simply having only an ON & OFF functionality for each DMX channel means that I can’t use these fixtures yet. So, in effect, I have purchased a piece of software that, months later, is still inadequate for live use.

Please!!! Once again, can you add these much needed automation tools to the DMX editor. Until you do, a lot of users STILL cannot use VST Live. It’s just sat there gathering dust while I make do with Cubase as my live performance software.

We emphasize on stability and broader usability first. Features like these take time and resources, we do our best and are working on it - one at a time.

I have to say, the lack of DMX fades from one point to the next rather than only an on/off is the one feature stopping me from using it at the moment. I appreciate there is a lot of features to implement and that stability is important. Please can we get this bumped up the list of functions to add soon. Lights stepping brightness levels on lights or jerky moving head lights do not look good and is night on impossible to program a decent fade with only the on/off control levels - let alone for multiple channels simultaneously.

Sure, we are working on this already.

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