VST Live 1.3.13 Pre-Release


is it Friday again? Yes and a new Pre-Release 1.3.13 is online.

You can download it here. You also can find a Version History there. If you found new bugs or bugs which are not fixed, please create a new thread and title it with [1.3.13].

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… and here are the descriptions for the new features.

Added ‘Start Marker’ to TRACKS
You can now define a Starting Point for a song with a Start Marker.


Added Start Next Song with Start Marker
This Start Marker can be used for the new ‘Start Next Song’ Action


Added Song Progress
If you have a End-Marker configured, you can see a progress in the song display.

Added ‘Select Song 128+’ Action
A new action arrived

Added OFF option to Volume/Pan control of MIDI Track
The Pan/Volume controls of a MIDI Tracks are OFF by default

Added Inline Editing for Video Monitor Offset

Added Volume Fader and Peak Display Display to Mixer Channel

Every Channel has now a display for the fader and a peak.

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really great that new features are explained! how cool is this?

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Hi Michael! Fancy ones, really :slight_smile:

Just a little addition to fader display “peak”:
Loading the project, (not starting PLAY, just loading and leave IDLE) there is a -201.61 dB at two of the mixer channels (while that is mathematically impossible with 24bit), I think this is just some kind of miss-displayed/calculated value.

thank you very much! It is really convinient now to enter values :slight_smile:
Unfortunately I can’t invoke entered values (neither typing “-200ms” or “200ms”.

  • Tryed closing video views window
  • booth on external and internal screens
  • Restart app (it goes back to 0 in restart, that can be a good ida as normally we have to adjust value / venue.

What am I missing to do?

Hi @Spork ,

Unfortunately, the management of the Start Marker value, in the case of Songs with a BPM other than the default value of 120, seems to have problems.

After having set it with a value that is obviously lower than the End Marker, in some cases when the Song is reloaded the value is equal to that of the End Marker, in other cases it is valued correctly, but is drawn in correspondence with the End Marker.

… uups, sorry. fixed, next update,

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If the Start Marker is set to 1 it will be changed to the same value as the End Marker when switching to another song and back again.

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  • Restart app (it goes back to 0 in restart, that can be a good ida as normally we have to adjust value / venue.
    Sorry, fix for that did not make it into this version. Also it does nit work like it should, all flbe fixed next time

… do you have a pattern for me? That’s what I am doing

  1. Start VL, New Project, Select TRACKS
  2. Move Cursor to 2.1 and click to Start Marker. Marker is now 2.1
  3. Move Cursor for 11.1 and click to End Marker. Marke is now 11.1
  4. Change Tempo to 112
  5. Save Project, close VL, Start VL, Load Project

All is fine.

  1. Add a new song.
  2. Select TRACKS. Move Cursor to 4.1 and set Start Marker
  3. Move Cursor to 20.1 and set End Marker
  4. Change Tempo to 96
  5. Save, Close VL, Start VL, Load Project

All is fine.

  1. Select Song_1

All is fine.

What am I missing?

… argh! Found it. Sorry, fixed. Next Update, And I guess it will fix the problem of @Giuseppe_Loffredo

Thank you very much,

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is there any option to loop any part in a song with any midi or keyboard shortcut , so that we can interact with audience and again turn off looping (with midi or keyboard shortcut and back to the song. i’m really waiting for the option in vstlive .

hi @listenpratikmail ,

L R locators can be pre-set and u can define storcut for cycle/un-cycle :slight_smile:

can i turn on loop for a particular part during my performance when i need to pause for audience interaction . (like Ableset 2)

If the part in the music you want to loop is one given cycle (part, from-to time): yes. Just place the cycle locators, and set cycle active, so it will loop as soon as reaching cycle loop and release cycle when you feel like :slight_smile: