VST Live 1.3.17 Pre-Release VST Live

Hi Friday,

there you are! A new Pre-Release 1.3.17 is online.

You can download it here . You also can find a Version History there. If you found new bugs or bugs which are not fixed, please create a new thread and title it with [1.3.17].

Enjoy your weekend,


… and here are the descriptions :

Added Line Tool for MIDI/DMX Editors
Finally, we’ve added the line tool to the DMX and MIDI editors



Added MIDI-Controller Editor
Yes, it’s now possible to edit controller


Added Precount to Metronome
As requested, it’s now possible to only activate the pre-count


Note, we changed the old PREROLL to the PRECOUNT icon. The PREROLL icon is new

Added Tempo editing in TRACKS
Yes, it’s now possible to edit tempo events directly in TRACKS view


Added Controller visuals to MIDI Clips

Added ‘Auto-Load’ for Video Views
And you can edit the auto-load of a view



Well, that’s what I call ‘some great news for weekend’ :sunglasses:

Lovely ones :clap:

Hi Spork! Where to activate this? I can see the change and can’t find corresponding option under Preferences dropdown menu. Could you please assist me?

Dear @Spork ,
it seems, I can’t delete any “drawed” value by using:

  • undo (general or song undo)
  • with eraser
  • with mouse select+delete
    What am I doing wrong?

@fkalmus, you can find the PRECOUNT control in the METRONOME view.

See you,

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… MIDI looks fine. I guess you are talking about DMX editing? We’ll check,

Hi @Spork ,

it seems, there are more difficulties. Meight help to detail them one-by-one?

Hi @Spork,

unfortunately Lyrics in this version seems to have regression issues.

When opening the project, the Font Size and Zoom values appear to be not correctly applied to the current text.

Furthermore, something I noticed while doing some tests: it seems that in Lyrics the Color property is defined at project level, while the Active one is defined at application level (or in any case at two different levels) and I think this is rather unexpected.

Hoping for your feedback, thanks.

… undo was missing for drawing DMX events. Fixed.
… one by one? Sure. Maybe a new thread with a title “1.3.17 DMX Editing” and we collect them there?


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Hi @Giuseppe_Loffredo

… fixed. Next Update.

… fixed. The active color should be part of the “song-level”. Next Update.


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There is no preference for “Precount”, it is right in the Metronome tab.
When activated, metronome is only audible during preroll, or count-in.

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dear @musicullum , thank you :slight_smile: I found it right immediatly after @Spork 's reply helped me out where to find :slight_smile: