VST Live 1.3.19 Pre-Release VST Live

Hi Friday,

a new Pre-Release 1.3.19 is online.

You can download it here. You also can find a Version History there. If you found new bugs or bugs which are not fixed, please create a new thread and title it with [1.3.19].

Enjoy your weekend,


dear @Spork ,

There are lot’s of improvements for line tool and editing in MIDI & DMX :clap: :clap:
Just sending two screenrecs about issues I was facing on my computer just right when checking new version. I hope that will help to you!

line tool is not starting to draw for me (event pos = 0) nor for MIDI / DMX
(for DMX, you can see… with this way of listing even can’t list all 512 channels as I wrote before in another topic):

and MIDI:

PS: @Spork after starding my laptop this morning, the two issues above are gone.

But instead three times after three program start, the lovely new line tool gets confused with ramp up, then ramp down redrawing (happens booth with MIDI and DMX editor and me constantly reproducable)

Hi! Drawing a ramp up then down seems to still causes freeze with 1.3.20 Tip for narrowing: it only happens to me when SNAP is OFF.

… thank you, @fkalmus. Fixed now. Next update,

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