VST Live 1.3 Update available

Dear all,

We are pleased to announce the release of VST Live 1.3

Beside several fixes this update features recordable stacks, LTC output, 8 new Actions, SysEx editor, show duration and song autostart. Get your free update now. For a detailed list of features and issue resolutions, please check out the Version History PDF files in the Steinberg Download Assistant.

To learn more about VST Live please click here .

The VST Live update can be downloaded via the Steinberg Download Assistant

We hope you will enjoy using the new updates!

Enjoy making music,


Downloaded and activated the trial, loaded the demo project, and -poof- disappeared.
Are there crash logs generated anywhere? (Windows 10 22H2)

Hi @MrSoundman,

can you please try this

  1. Start VST Live
  2. In the HUB select “Open Other” and load a project or the demo project

Does that work?

Opening the demo via the hub “Open Other” works OK.

This is a repeatble crash though:

  1. Open VST Live ( on Windows 10 22H2)
  2. Click New Project
  3. File | Open “Ghosts of the Ocean by John Mitchell.vlprj”

The progress bar gets to here and then the application disappears:

Hi @MrSoundman,

we have fixed the crash with a Pre-Release 1.3.1. More details here.

See you,

I can confirm that this is now fixed as of – great work, thanks!

… excellent, thank you for reporting the crash.

See you,

Why is it no longer possible to save the channel settings in VST Live mixer? Earlier versions let you save mixer channel settings but now this is no longer a possibility.

Hi @bjornsjo,

it’s still there …

… what am I missing?


Looks like saving is opening a load channel window rather than a save window… at least in my system

… oh, I see. Sorry. Fixed. Next Update,

Seems like you haven’t tried to save channel settings.The “save channel setting” is not usable. When I press "save Channel Setting " it isn’t possible to save. Only option is creating more and more folders but save-button is greyed out. This is most likely a bug they will fix in a later update but I do not understand why they have to create new bugs every time software is utdated.