VST Live 1.4.12 - Problem with adding new Song

When I try to add a new Song - VST Live adds a copy of the first Song in my Setlist no matter which song is currently selected in the set list. It doesn’t matter whether I use the function (+) in the toolbar left zone for this or use the Song/New Song menu for this. I always get a copy of the first song in the setlist inserted at the end of the setlist. No chance to add a blank New Song at the moment.

Add new Song
Toolbar in the left zone

Add new Song_2
Menu - Song

When you add a new Song, the Default Song is loaded. If the newly added Song is not to your liking, configure any Song as desired and apply “Song/Save Default Song”. Whenever you add a new Song from then on, the defualt Song will be loaded. The default Song will also appear in the Media Bay/Songs as “Default”.


Ahhh! Thank you for the detailed information. This way I can predefine the “structure” for the song with folders and different tracks and can then quickly create the new song in the required form. I tried this straight away, it works perfectly!