VST Live 1.4.4 Pre-Release VST Live


it’s Friday again and a new Pre-Release 1.4.4 version is online.

You can download it here . You also can find a Version History there. If you found new bugs or bugs which are not fixed, please create a new thread and title it with [1.4.4].

New Features are …

Editor Duplicate Selection
Another missing puzzle and here it is

Visual MIDI Learn for Quick Controls
Yes, this was missing, too.

Rubberband to Mute-Tool
And another workflow improvement

Added Visual Input Meter
Does the port receive midi events? Now there is a visual hint.



thank you very much (mute)
I will try it soon

Thanks for the new version.
One question: I see the Visual Midi learn for QuickControls in the Stacks but not in Layers. Is it possible to add this also to the QuickControls in die Layers?
Kind regards, Heiko

… it’s there. Do I miss something?


Hi Michael,
thanx for your screenshot.
In the VST-Instrument-View I also see now the learning-option.
My “misstake” was, that I only looked at the layer-view .
I think it might be a good idea to have the learning option also in the layer-view.

Kind regards

So, I’m getting a recurring problem. I created a song yesterday made up of 3 simple parts - stack FX off, on and off. I have one instance of Retrologue that I chose ‘duplicate shared’ for on all three parts. All was good when I saved the song and I saved all the song assets into it’s own folder.

I’ve loaded the song today, from that folder, with all it’s assets… and Retrologue has completely disappeared! I have 3 song parts with no VST synth loaded now. It’s happening all the time.

Why do the VST synths keep disappearing??? As you can imagine, this is incredibly frustrating for me because it’s a huge waste of my time trying to remember what presets I had chosen, especially on songs that have quite a few different synths & presets stored. I’m now back to the drawing board & STILL unable to use your software after a year or so of owning it.

And, I’m getting hanging & missing MIDI notes when I’m playing. I have the Alesis VI61 & the Alesis Vortex 2 keytar & I’m getting the same result from both. The VI61 is wired via my Steinberg UR24c MIDI in port & the Vortex 2 is via wireless (USB dongle). VST Live is not receiving the MIDI information correctly. I’ve tried a few different VST instruments & they’re all behaving in the same way. It’s mainly when playing chords. Solo/lead playing seems pretty much OK & the problem happens a lot less. It seems like MIDI congestion, VST LIve is not able to interpret the incoming info verbatim. VST Live’s MIDI monitor is showing that certain note on & note off messages are not being registered while I’m playing, which is therefore giving me the missing & hanging notes.

As an update… I’ve just tried the same 2 MIDI controllers with Cubase & they are working perfectly. All notes are being registered in the MIDI monitor & the VST synths are playing perfectly. Sounds like there are still several bugs to iron out with VST LIve…