VST Live 1.4 - Current and past errors

Hi Spork, Musicullum!

I sent the errors I found by mail 2 days ago. Now with the latest 1.4 update, these issues are still present. Thanks

  1. Multiple audio tracks cannot be selected at the same time (maximum two, but not always)

  2. Audio tracks or folder tracks cannot be dragged to another part or song with the mouse (I sent a video by email)

  3. You cannot open core audio tracks within Folder Track, you have to drag them in one by one with the mouse

  4. Folder bars cannot be colored

  5. If you use the copy paste command to copy an audio track, it does not keep the name of the track

  6. The monitor and recording buttons disappear if the bars are scaled narrower

Problems with midi tracks:

  1. The Stop button does not stop the midi hold pedal information (the piano sounds are not muted).

  2. Midi tracks do not follow the locator.

  3. Midi tracks cannot be improved by subsequent playback (piano keyboard).
    If we try to repair a part of the track in this way, the subsequently repaired part will not be played.

  4. No glue tool

I know that basically VST Live is not designed for sound recording and midi editing, but it would be nice if these functions were available to correct minor errors.
Thank you for your attention.

Will check.

Tracks belong to Songs and have no relation to Parts.
Tracks cannot be dragged to other Songs, that is not supported. Actually it is considered impossible because you cannot view two different Songs at a time, so maybe this is misunderstood; or, you try to drag it to the Playlist which is not supported at all.
However, Tracks, and events on Tracks can be copied and pasted to other Songs.

Will check as well.

Correct, will check that too.

What views are you refering to, what exactly do you do? If you mean vertical zoom (less height), that is the way it is, at some point the strip becomes too small to show buttons at reasonable size (e.g., touch operation).

It does for MIDI Tracks. But possibly not for Layers, this is intentional, the notes you play will not be cut off which is what you want when you keep the pedal pressed. What exactly is your scenario, are you talking about realtime input, or playback?
When you engage Stop, all note off commands are sent to all receiving Midi devices and plugins of all MIDI tracks, but not Layers, unless the track outputs to a Layer.

I don’t understand that sentence, sorry. Pls provide more information.

Sorry, not supported, see above, for more complex operations use Cubase.

Hi Musicullum,
Thank you very much for the quick replies. For us, it is enough if the audio tracks can be selected as a group and copied together with the Ctr-C Ctr-V command. If this can be resolved, thank you very much. It saves you a lot of work.

Regarding the midi recording, I just sent two small videos about the problems by email.
But I took note that you did not develop the software to edit the midi recording.
Thank you for your help!