VST Live 2.0.10 not showing in download assistant

As per topic title, I am only seeing the update for 1.4.70
Is there any way I can resolve this?


Hi @JelliedHeals !

Have u purchased VST live 2 pro license and activated it already?

Yes. Purchased, activated and working here.

oh, okay… the developers of VSTLive used to post frequent pre-releases on this link:


All pre-releases (that are not appearing in Steinberg Download Assistant) are uploaded here, as the most recent 2.0.11


I didn’t realise that it was a pre-release, I only tried the upgrade because I got an email saying that they were both available. I will leave it until the updates appear in download assistant as I gave up being on the ‘bleeding edge’ many moons ago :slight_smile:
Thanks for you r help.

Best regards,


The official Version is 2.0.10, available with the Steinberg Download Manager. Note that you may have to open the “Updates” tab to find it.
As for “bleeding edge”, we frequently provide prerelease versions which so far have always been juged as improvements. You can install all versions 2 side by side with version 1.4, and you can de-and reinstall all version 2 versions at any time, and furthermore all versions down to 1.1.5 are available should newer versions fail for you.

OK, and thanks for that. Strangely enough, it appeared in download assistant and I have updated. Must have been a glitch of some kind.

Once again, thank you.