VST Live 2 not saving

Spent 4 hours putting together the final touches to a live show, and when saved frequently over this time it all appeared ok. VST layers intact and midi control of volume all good. Final save and transport to rehearsal. Load project and no layers, gone, all settings gone. Frustration at a new high. Anybody else had this issue?

You need to “Save Archive” to make sure to have all assets available with the project. Once you’ve done that, you can also copy the entire folder to carry around, but if you add any assets (like midi and audio files etc), you will need to make sure those are present in that folder. In any case, it is much safer to use “Save Archive”.
Also it is highly recommendet to frequently “Save As”, this applies to any software whasoever. If a save action goes wrong and destroys the project file, you have at least previous versions to work with. Finally, VST Live creates multiple backups with the “.bak” extension; you may try to rename those by changing that extension to “.vlprj”. However, we had not a single report of corrupt project files so far.