VST LIVE and Masterkeyboards

Hi everyone,
I ask a question on the subject of VST LIVE integration with the current masterkeyboards.
As known, many masterkeyboards integrate perfectly with Cubase using the “DAW” mode. This allows you to manage track volumes, panpot, song playing and many other useful functions directly from the masterkeyboard.
Is it possible to have the same thing - or something similar - on VST LIVE in the future?

Thank you

… we are working on that topic. Which masterkeybard are you talking of? Just to get sure we don’t miss that one.


Komplete Kontrol s61 mkii native instruments.

How about Korg NanoControl?

… that’s on our list,

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… this one has a direct connection to Cubase? Out-Of-The-Box? Or, are you talking about the new MIDI-Remote Cubase 12 (!) binding to various hardware devices? Or, does it work with the Cubase-Generic Remote?


Hi Michael, Great.
So I await the next versions with greater attention and curiosity.
It would be nice to control the volumes of the various parts (mainly Layers) directly from the Komplete Kontrol with evidence of the name of the sounds to have direct and fast control. I imagine that it will also be possible to start the songs.
Thank you for your support and for the attention you give to your customers. Good job.
I’m sure that VST Live will become a complete and indispensable software for making live music.
Before discovering VST Live I used GIG Performer and Camelot which are also great products. But I found in VST Live a greater simplicity in managing my playlist and I find the graphical interface very simple, direct and intuitive, probably being a Cubase user since version 2.
Thank you


Hi Michael , I’m talking about the new MIDI-Remote Cubase 12 binding to various hardware devices. Thanks! Andrew

… that’s a Cubase 12 only feature. But what’s wrong with Actions of VST Live? Activate the L(earn) Control lower-left corner, select your control and move one of your NanoControl knobs or buttons. Then you are ready to control VL. What’s missing?


True and I’ve used that. It’s more of a convenience feature that I’d like to see not a necessity.

M-Audio Oxygen Pro 25 USB/MIDI Keyboard

…if it’s possible to add support also :slight_smile: