VST Live Asio Driver only 1 Output possible?


with the out of the box asiodriver i can assign only 1 output.
have a laptop with onboardsound and an usb-soundcard. The usb soundcard goes to PA for backingtracks and the onboardsound goes to headphone for drummer metronome.

This works fine with the Asio4All driver, but when i use VST-Synths additional in layers the cpu load goes to 100%

with the out of the box vstl low latency driver, i had no issues with VST-Instruments and cpu load, but there i can either use usb-sound or onboardsound.

error by me? or is it possible to assign more outputs on the vstl asio driver.


We don’t support multiple audio interfaces operating simultaniously. ASIO4All may attempt to try, but this can become tricky due to synchronisation issues.

thanks for your answer,

i’m a purist guitarplayer for many years (guitar in amp, thats enough, lol) , but now new in the technical part like midi, routing, digital etc.
i think i need now a semiprof audiointerface, and a better laptop :wink: