[VST LIVE][BUG REPORTING] Chords view out of sync

I export a project from Cubase with a chord track and two instruments tracks.
Import in Live as new Song.
In Tracks View chords are fine, but in Chords View all chords are anticipated of 1/4.

( here the screen recording )

Hi @Gabriele,

Can we please have access to your Cubase project? The *.cpr file is enough. You can drop it here or send me PM.

Thank you,

Here the project
Noi non ci saremo.v1.cpr (1.8 MB)

… Thank you. I’ve re-checked it with the latest Pre-Release (2.0.22) and the project will be imported fine. Which version are you running? Make sure that you are running the latest version which can be downloaded here


I have try with other projects and some give me the sync problem and other no.

And there is another curious things, when a import give me the problem if a save Live project and re-open it the chords track is completly empty, for song with sync problem but sometimes for all songs!

The forlder where I save my project is a Dropbox folder, the source of problem could be here?
Dropbox file sync system can corrupt a project and the import function? (even if I import without save?)

Probably. When tracks are empty, their assets (media files) cannot be found.

This is the result of my cubase export
Noi non ci saremo.zip (1.4 MB)
When I import in Live, from bar 18, the chord view lose 1/4

Hi @Gabriele,

yes, I can reproduce it now. Thank you for your patience. But : After the Media Project Import, please save the project now, close VST Live, re-start VST Live and load the project. The Chord events are now placed correctly.
Meanwhile we’ll fix that problem.

See you,