VST Live bugs

Hopefully the VST Live update will be released soon as I’m having problems with VST live. Using Keyscape as a plugin even though I saved the project with the output panned to the center when I open that project Keyscape’s output ends up being panned hard left. Being that it was mentioned that an update was going to be released soon I’ll wait and see if that update solves that issue

I think I may have found the source of this issue. I have one layer for Keyscape and that was working fine and I’m able to turn pages in the VST viewer using the soft pedal attached to my Studiologic SL88. I wanted to use my Korg NanoControl as well with VST live so I added another layer and set that to shared and then layer 1. I got NanoControl to work with it so I would save the project and the issue and others occurred when opening that project. So I deleted the second layer and saved the project and everything seems to be working fine. It may be that I have the NanoControl hooked up to a powered USB Hub might be causing the issue. Being that my SL 88 has MIDI ports and I have an iConnectMIDI4 interface I’ll try hooking up both the NanoControl and SL 88 and see if that works