VST Live Connections name definitions are not saved

Wanted to add the previously not used MIDI ports of my interface and some audio ports of the audio interface.

VST Live forgets the changes. Saving the project won´t do it…

Identified a definitive bug in this topic: Tried to create another out port for the Virtual midi out 2: Won´t show up. Tried again: Shows as …(2)…

Looks if there is a big issue with the saved but invisible port history.

Where and when are these connections saved?

Cannot reproduce this.
Ports are saved in the project, and should reappear when that project is loaded (and so far has never failed to do so here).
They are also saved locally, but that may differ from those saved in the project (local ports).
If you can provide a reproducible sequence we can try to analyse your problem.

Sure - will do as soon as i´ve time.