VST Live Crashes Importing Audio Files

Hi there, I have a brand new ASUS laptop that I am trying to get VST Live working on. I was able to import audio files into 2 songs. As I was doing the third song, every time I try and upload the audio file the application crashes. I had Live installed on my main Cubase Workstation and it seemed to work fine during imports. All of my files WAV exports at 48kz. Help!


could you please check if a crash log file was saved? Have a look here …
Windows : C:\Users\Your_Username\Documents\Steinberg\CrashDumps
macOS : /Users/Your_Username/Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports
… and collect all files starting with “vstlive”. Please send me the files. And maybe you can give us access to your WAV file.

Thank you,

VST Live Version 1.0.31 2022.7.31 (520.7 KB)
VST Live Version 1.0.31 2022.7.31 (588.9 KB)

I deleted the song and then tried other song files I had. There were two songs that consistently crashed the app.
I am on a super slow internet connection but I am going to try and upload 2 of the wav files.

VST Live Version 1.0.31 2022.7.31 (597.5 KB)
VST Live Version 1.0.31 2022.7.31 (621.1 KB)

Thank you very much, we are looking into it.

Hi @JBaptista68,

Thank you very much for your files. We have identified the problem and it will be fixed with the next update. coming soon.



I found this thread this morning as I just bought VST Live a few hours ago and am unable to import audio at all. I am trying to import mp3 files and every attempt results in the program hanging indefinitely. I eventually have to terminate the program after 10-15 minutes. Is there a work around for this? I’m really unable to use the software for my purposes because everything revolves around the audio files. Outside of that, the program looks exactly like the solution that I have been looking for for about 2 weeks.

Edit I was just able to load a wav file successfully. It seems like the mp3 would be the easier option but the wav loaded in no time.

Hi @Kevin_Mendenhall,

can you please send me a mp3 file which is not working? (m.spork ( at ) steinberg.de)

See you

Hello Team

I do have also Audio file import problems. Trying to import via track icon, file menue, drag and drop but the audio file cannot be placed in the track. I tried wav, mp3 - nothing worked
(use latest version)

Any workaround or attention points?

Kind Regards

Hi @Krosa,

could you please send me a wav and a mp3 file which is not working? Send it to m.spork ( at ) steinberg.de

Thank you,

No problems here, wav loads fine and mpr loads quick (Windows 11).
Any more specifics?

Hi Michael

I shared a Google Drive Folder with requested Information
Thanks for taking care.


Hello Michael

I hope Google drive sharing did work out, Any further input needed for your analysis?


We are on the case. It happens with certain mp3 files, but not all of them. Workaround is to convert to wav elewhere and of course the fix is coming soon, thanks for sending files!