VST Live crashes very often

Hello everyone,
I am very enthusiastic about the idea of VST Live. I had planned to use VST Live for the first time tomorrow in a larger rehearsal. Unfortunately, VST Live keeps crashing.
What could be the problem? I have now invested many hours of time and now I don’t know what to do next.
Can anyone give me a hint?

Hi Jörg,

be sure that you are running the latest version. We are releasing Pre-Versions which can be found here.
Then we always need more information to reproduce your problem, something like

  1. Start VL, Select TRACKS
  2. Click Add-Track Button → Crash

And VST Live also writes a Crash-Log which is also very helpful for us. You can find the logs here:

macOS : /Users/Your_Username/Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports
windows : C:\Users\Your_Username\Documents\Steinberg\CrashDumps

Please attach your logs to your report.

See you,

VST Live Version 1.3.20 2023.11.1 (934.6 KB)

Many thanks for the quick response.
Attached is the report.
I use the following version: 1.3.20

See you,Jörg.

I have now tested different scenarios. VST Live crashes when playing some songs. These were created in Cubase Pro 12 (latest version). Includes audio tracks only. And arranger, tempo, marker and chord track.

The audio files are partly self-generated and partly from third-party manufacturers.

Hope this information helps narrow down the problem.

If it helps, I can also provide a song for error analysis.

CU, Jörg.

… thank you, @z.301. We’ll analyse your crash log.


We have applied a possible fix for this problem, pls check again with the next prerelease version on vstlive.net, probably coming next Friday. Thansk for helping!

Great, thank you. Looking forward to Friday.

CU, Jörg.

Thank you. There has been no crash so far.