VST live crashing when adding new songs without restarting

I’m having crashes when I add new songs to the setlist in a specific sequence… I add a new song, edit the setlist, save song, save project, and when I try to add immediately a new media project/song it crashes. After I restart I can work further. Is this intended to happen?

… can you please check if crash files were created?

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Yes the crash files are consistently created…
I have now pressed menu/ preload at the very end ( after saving project) and I could import a new song without crashing… not sure whether is consistent… I’ll keep trying

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Can you give them to us?


VST Live Version 1.3.1 2023.8.23 (1.5 MB)
VST Live Version 1.3.1 2023.8.23 (1.5 MB)
VST Live Version 1.3.1 2023.8.23 (1.5 MB)

FYI The preload after saving has been working on the last 3 songs

But still crashes unfortunately…

… thank you. The “Controller Map” crashed in all of your files. Can you please close it before doing any new song/part action? We’ll analyse it.


May sound stupid but how should I do that? I close the window after having selected the cc send

The crash occurs when a Layer is selected while the Layer Controller Editor is opened. Close that window before selecting a different Part or Layer, and open it again if needed. It also looks like this only ever happens when an empty Part (with no Layer) was selected while the Layer Controller Editor window was opened before. Of course, this will be fixed with the next update, thanks for reporting!

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Problem looks solved. Thanks

I can confirm that the system is now working without crashes, very stable solution. Congrats! Thanks