VST Live Crasht beim Preload

Das Programm crasht beim Laden, es wurde zum Glück ein Crash Dump erzeugt.

VST Live Version 1.4.50 2024.2.21 (1,4 MB)

Thank you, @FlorianH, We will analyse the log,

Michael, I have the same iisue.
looks it is caused by ‘legacy’ VST’s.
in my case I installed very old Arturia instruments, together with newer version of the same instrument. This seems to cause the issue.
Fix: don’t use old crab :slight_smile:

… we’ve analysed it, @FlorianH. Sorry for being late. A VST2 Plug-in Editor is crashing. Is the project file (*.vlprj) still available? Can you give it to us?

Thank you,

… you have the same problem? Are you still have a project file which can reproduce it? Can we have it?

Thank you,

here the crashed version. beside the working veriosn.
There ist in Arturia CS80 newest version, Arturia B3V antique version.
The same thing works with Arturia B3V2. Looks the old version causes the issue.
I am also using Organteq VST beside various new Arturia and Halion and Groove Agent. All fine.

Much fun :slight_smile: and many thanks for your responsivness!!!
liebe Grüße Christian
+43 677 613 60772 (Austria)

other question: is there somethinin the roadmap like Cubase Arranger Track? (I use it for pattern change - manual control)

America.vlprj (927 KB)

America.vlprj.crash (894 KB)

yes it is.