Vst live ( En idioma ESpañol)

Mientras tanto, compré una licencia de VST Live.
Me enviaron el código de descarga, pero, tras instalarlo, me sigue apareciendo en el Activation Manager “your trial has expired” Go and by it …
Así que estoy en loop con eso hace 2 días y no logro destrancarlo…

Hi @Riki_Musso

We need a screenshot about your licences. Please open the “Steinberg Activation Manager”, create a screenshot from it and add the picture here. Then we can analyse your problem.

See you,

I already found my mistake, (but not the solution).
I downloaded the VST Live, pasting the download code on a different computer. This one, has another Steinberg ID.
I found the activation option for VST Live, there. I avoided doing it, so as not to complicate things further.
Now I would like to delete this user and transfer the license to the previous one, where I have my Cubase Pro. (¿Maybe, selling it to myself?).

… I see, please contact me directly (m.spork (at) steinberg.de). Please send me every detail, then it will be easier.

Thank you,