VST LIve freezing with high RAM & power usage

I keep getting freezes/hanging, sometimes for as long as a minute. Task manager is reporting that VST LIve is constantly using about 9GB of RAM & that the power usage is very high during these freezes. I only have 1 song open, which I’m currently constructing. Would there be any particular reason why VST Live would use so much RAM & power? That’s much more than Cubase & I was under the impression that VST LIve uses less PC resources than Cubase. This doesn’t appear to be the case. When VST Live freezes, I lose my microphone input & the song parts mute, rendering me unable to perform.

I’m using a Windows 10 PC with an Intel Core i7 processor with 32GB of RAM, so I’m not sure why VST LIve would be struggling to run. I never have any issues with Cubase.

I’m a little concerned about this for live use with a laptop. Obviously I can’t afford for the laptop to freeze & my sound to go off. I’m quite concerned about these freezes!

As an update, it appears to happen most when I click on a part below the one I’m working on, almost as if VST LIve is pre-loading the elements of that part before I can use it. I thought songs were automatically pre-loaded when we load them???

Once clicked on, I can then navigate through the song parts with no problems. It seems VST LIve isn’t pre-loading my song elements when I load the song into the playlist.

No, they are not, unless you choose “File/Preload” or “File/Preload Parts”, and tick “Always preload” which triggers preload after every loading of a project.

Your problem is clearly related to some resource - most probably, one or more plugins - in the Part that takes long to load. You may want to narrow this by removing or adding those plugs one by one.

Also note that VST Live may well consume more resources than Cubase (or other DAWs), because you can consider each VST Live Song an entire Cubase project. And it keeps everything in memory for rapid changes which are vital for live operation. To reduce the load, consider to re-use plugins by using shared Instruments.

As a first step, apply “File/Preload Parts” and tick “Always preload”. Also try to watch which plugins take so long to load, or consume that much memory; VST Live itself consumes close to no resources, neither CPU nor memory, just check with a new, empty project.

Ok, thank you. I’ll test that, although I’m only using Kontakt 7 & Retrologue for the songs I’ve constructed so far. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s Kontakt, with the size of some of the libraries, which are also pre-loaded.

A quick question though… if I use a shared plugin instrument, do I have to use the same preset, or am I able to change presets without affecting the other songs that use the same plugin? Or is it just shared within THAT song? This is why I’ve been using more than 1 instance of each instrument, to give me freedom to choose presets etc. I do notice now, with the new Live update, that if I duplicate a part, the layer output defaults to the main buss & I have to re-assign it to the group channel I’m using in the mixer. I’m guessing if I’m making part changes that don’t affect that instrument, I choose ‘duplicate shared’ which will keep it’s channel assignment?


Shared Instruments share everything including their channel. Note that Layers are not shared, so all Layer controls remain seperate. So if you change the Instrument or its channel, the change will apply to every Layer in the entire project sharing that plugin.

If your Instrument allows to be addressed by MIDI Channel, you can have up to 16 different presets in one instance though. Also, if supported, the Instrument preset can be changed via Program Change/Bank Select (but that may take a while for the plugin to evaluate).

As for the channel, as said it belongs to the instrument so if you share it, it will not change, and duplicate shared keeps the bus too, but also the plugin is shared then.

I suggest to test a bit. Take Halion Sonic as a start, it has 16 slots and in “Options” you can set it to “GM Mode” which also allows program change if you consider that. Create some Layers adressing different MIDI Channels (Out channel in Layer) to create up to 16 presets within one (shared) instance.

Yes, that’s made a massive difference, thank you. A lot less PC resources being used now. And yes, I will be using Halion, the same with Kontakt now too. I can add multiple libraries & set them to different MIDI channels.

Great work!