VST LIve : Inquiring about usefulness of VST Live for Guitar Rigs with Midi, and about SCRIPTING

I am comparing VST Live to Gig Performer and Apple’s venerable Mainstage, both of which are, like VST Live, it would seem, mostly geared towards keyboard players (or drummers) who manage their live show performance scenes, and backing tracks.

I am a guitarist and I would like to automate a one person show within an environment like GP or VSTLIVE.

  1. Can VST Live be drive by external midi gear, such as a midi footswitch that is used to launch scenes within a song, or launch songs, or begin a fade out, etc?

  2. Can VST Live be scripted in any way? For example, can I create things like GPSCRIPT permits in GigPerformer? [ Introduction — GPScript 4.0 documentation ]

I realize VST Live is pretty new. What it does do is pretty neat. I scanned the manual here and I don’t see much about MIDI or scripting.


Yes, have a look to the "Actions und Shortcuts… " feature (manual, page 144). You can drive Previous/Next Song/Part/Layer and many more areas of VST Live. But no fade in or fade out.

No. Sorry. But if you like could you please explain what you would like to script? We are listening …


Hi @wpostma ,

Gig Performer is perfect for Guitar Players.
What do you want to achieve?

Post your questions in the Gig Performer Forum and you will get tons of answers

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