VST Live lost audio

Made a new project
Imported Media Projects from C12 as Songs to current projects (tempo, signature, audio playbacks)
Assigned I/O’s, added Lyrics, etc.
All works good
Saved project

Next VST Live run: it lost audio files of imported playbacks (they are still in project folder) - events are empty and no playback of course

How to fix it? Have just few days to the show

Also it lost all lyrics tracks…

Did you move or delete anything?
Also it’s a good idea to “Save Archive” once it works.

You may send me the .vlprj file and tell me the path to a missing audio file (screenshot) ralative to the project file. Like

  • myProject.vlprj
    – audio
    — vstlive
    ---- audio.wav

Then we can check where the file is expected.
You must not move or copy or otherwise change the relationship between the project file and its assets (media files like audio, midi, video folders etc).


Looks like moving all the media to current project’s folder helped. They all were outside this project folder, in common “Artist” folder
I’ve exported Media Projects from C12 here and then imported to VST Live, and all was working. But at next run VST Live just “forgot” where the files are

Thanks. Save Archive is your friend :slight_smile:

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