VST Live Mods - Android?

Will there be a VST Live Mods version for Android anytime soon ? I would purchase VST Live Pro, simply to share chords and lyrics for rehearsals. But, 80% of our group have Android smartphones.


Well, they had Cubase iC Pro for Android a few years ago, and it still works very well on latest android phones, but the only way to get a license today is doing illegal things, because they stopped selling it. :roll_eyes: If they at least gave it away in its current state for free and unsupported. But no, Android seems to be evil in Steinberg HQ. Or there were too few users ready to actually buy it - perhaps iOS users are used to spend a lot of money on apps, while Android users aren’t. Who knows. I would not bet on Android mods for VST live tbh.

The question is, if this is really useful for live situations - remember you have to provide an own WIFI/WLAN network on stage, and connect all your smartphones to it, and your computer as well. This may be practicable at home or in your rehearsal room, but on stage, there can be a lot of devices fighting for the 2.4 GHz frequencies (wireless microphones for example), and a lot of interfering transmitters as well. Is that really what you want? Never use anything wireless on stage that you cannot exchange within 2 minutes with a simple cable.

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Hello everyone, I see it the same way. Even if Steinberg is very much geared towards Apple, I see the need for Android devices to be supported as well, since many manufacturers offer much cheaper tablets, especially in the tablet area, and I see a lot of musicians who sometimes have very cool apps for rehearsals and Use performances on Android devices. Technically this can’t be a big problem and the number of users for VST Live will surely increase!

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I do use an iPad for Music stuff, but I own a Samsung Galaxy Fold 3. I do tend to use Apps that support both (Hence Goodbye Onsong)

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Not to hijack the topic, but in addition to adding Android devices, I’m curious as to the restrictions on older iOS hardware and would like to see some broader support for Apple hardware. iOS is just iOS, right? :wink:

I mention this as my band has several older - I guess in today’s world they would be considered obsolete - Apple devices (iPad 4th Generation with iOS v10.3.3, just above the minimum version for MODS to my understanding). However, it is not the “iPad Pro” version of the hardware and MODS won’t install. When I squint closely at the list of supported devices, it looks like maybe the Pro version is supported, so sadly I’m out of luck with the nice, big screen.

However, I was able to install MODS on a tiny iPad Mini 2 (iOS v12.5.5) and literally “it just works.” I am really excited about the potential, especially the Lyrics and Metronome capabilities. Having those features on a wider range of devices, both near-legacy iOS and Android, IMHO can really make VST Live a “killer app.”

Disclaimer - Personally I am heavily invested in the Windows/Android ecosystem even though many of my bandmates are iOS-centric; all phones and tablets, no Macs. I am so thankful that VST Live is supported on WIndows OS - thank you Steinberg for the multi-platform support! I no longer have Mainstage envy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :

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Blockquote *I no longer have Mainstage envy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :sparkles:
Hi, I currently use Mainstage on a Macbook Pro M1 8/512. I have @ 100 songs and THEY STRUGGLE. At this stage I see, I probably won’t be able to use VST Live for 3 to 6 months, when a few bugs have been ironed out, as well as feature requests., like chord and Arpeggio Support.

If people ask for it, they have a reason. And they don’t want to tell all the details. Why is they often someone, who don’t even understand the possibilities, to comment something usefull and anoying?
I’ve just read a comment about the app on Apple device, it seems they still have problems about synchnonising chords.
Well, maybe they fix problems on iOS environnement before providing something on Android? Maybe it’s something about copyright for the software?
They should do so, because it will have huge success. You can’t tell your public : “well, you can sing along with the lyrics, but it’s only for Apple customers”… Maybe in US it’s not a problem, but in europe :expressionless:
I was about to buy it but I reconsidered my choice when I’ve seen no VST live mod for Android. Sorry to tell that, but offering a tools for the public, only on iOs, it doesn’t professionnal.
I hope they’re be some anwers from the developers’ crew.

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Unfortunately, I have to agree here, but Steinberg also has the problem with the unavailability on Android, for example with Dorico, which is only available for iOS, which in my opinion leaves many potential users on the sidelines. We’ve only been using Android devices in the band for a long time, with very good experiences. I don’t understand why Steinberg keeps avoiding this system.

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Development means time and cost, and that has to relate. Even though we often develop features that don’t pay, porting to Android is a major task, and demand and outcome are way off, as most musicians work on iOS devices, sorry.

Lots of musicians use Android too, in my experience. I do feel this might be a limited world view.

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I would think about that again. When it comes to computer systems, Windows has dominated the market for generations and will continue to do so. When it comes to mobile systems, Android dominates the market even more clearly. In addition, Steinberg distributes the apps free of charge, so it generally does not generate any income here.

The problem with developing apps is probably the fact that most apps are developed as native apps for the iOS system and not on a hybrid development system that allows quick and functional porting to other platforms.

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Sure we have an abstraction system, but that requires a module for each OS which does all the abstraction work, and that is a major task and not available on the shelf. Android has been particularily resistant, mainly because of the audio system which is…well, not so good.
Just to clarify: It all doesn’t mean that we haven’t started working on Android, but it will take time .


this is great news

Vamos a ver.
Lo que necesitarĂ­amos de las app no requiere de mucho procesado de datos, ni siquiera audio. Enviar los textos de las letras, los acordes o un metrĂłnomo visual para los mĂşsicos no requiere de muchos recursos de sistema ni de transferencia de datos (no es como enviar una trama de audio o video).
¿Cuál es el problema?
Esta aplicaciĂłn serĂ­a realmente Ăştil si pudieras enviar todo este tipo de datos a los mĂşsicos en el escenario.
No podemos obligar a los mĂşsicos que compren un Iphone o un Ipad para que sea utilizable la aplicaciĂłn.
Hasta que esto no ocurra no me parece interesante para nuestros espectáculos.
En fin.

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Hi! Today I’ve told my mate download VST Live Mods mobile app, then appeared it is only avaiable on iOS, but not on Android. You’re absolutely right, lot’s of artists are working with Mac, (I just rarely know artists working with iOS, furthermore they’re mostly illustrator/graphic/fashion designers… so they’re drawing on it).

Talking about VST Live that is absolutely for bands. In real life situation band members will have mixed Android / iOS (win/osx) environment, as not all band members are producers / composers, but are session musicians for living.

I think it really worth the effort releasing Android version for VST Live Mods mobile app, follow Lyrics, etc…


I would also like to see VST Live Mods for Android in the next version. I am sure it will work. When you look at Presonus, they had it already with showing lyrics in their remote-app. So come on Steinberg, Android-tablets and phones are surely a big market under us musicians.


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We already stated that we will not be able to satisfy that request unless we sell a million more :slight_smile:
We do understand the request, but we cannot afford to draw resources from more important tasks, sorry.

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Hi @musicullum , Oh that is from old time. Another user written a post 33mins ago:

Therefore it’s bumped to the top.

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Yes I know, that’s why the reply, just took that quote as a reference.

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I recently purchased VST Live Pro. I was hoping to use my tablets with this to display chords, lyrics, etc. Unfortunately, I have discovered that all of my tablets are Android and there is no application for VST Live on Android. I was disappointed as it seemed like almost everything available on IOS is also available on Android. It is not worth it for me to go out and purchase IOS devices (Apple devices cost a lot more than Steinberg software). I was also surprised to see that the lyrics/chords are unavailable on a local web server that would be compatible with almost everything (Smart TV’s). Good program, not quite fully developed.