VST Live Mods needs a serious upgrading ASAP

Hi guys.
After some serious messing around & upgrading to IOS 16, I’ve now managed to connect VST Live Mods to my laptop. Why is the app so stripped down & basic??? Having used Cubase IC-Pro too, I’m confused as to why you haven’t created the same kind of functionality within VST LIve Mods.

1 - We need multiple screen views! I need to see both lyrics AND chords whilst playing. Without this, the app is pretty much useless.
2 - We need transport controls to stop & start play, like with Cubase IC-Pro.
3 - We need to be able to rearrange songs on the fly. This will help with song requests & set list changes on the night of the show.
4 - We need to be able to control the mixer, for volume adjustments

Thanks for listening & taking on board all our improvement suggestions, it’s appreciated. Keep up the great work!