Vst live mods (Use this Tread for all VST LIVE MODS requests)

It would be nice to have the song title in the mod header. Now we have the Steinberg logo and name on the left, a big Online field in the middle and, VST LIVE MODS on the right.


So little requests in this thread? There is some room for improvement … :grinning:

  • Song start/stop

  • Switching to next song and next/previous part

  • Scaling of the Notes / Lyrics window to better adapt to different screen sizes - what is nice in my iPad could have smaller font sizes on the iPhone

  • Basic mixer adjustments - volume/mute

All on the list, one by one.

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love the program, vst mods specifically has not been updated in some time.
Is the road map progressing, since we do not have chords and lyrics on the same page, and it has been on the map for a very long time?
hope you are all doing well, and look forward to using the system when it does finally make it to air, as it were.

Yes, we are working on all of this and hope to have it available soon.

Just a rough sketch of what could be the tablet app / performance view in win/mac from my general personal needs.

This is basically for tablet but can be easily adopted for phone screen as well with only offering 2 layout options (Single / top-bottom split)

Bottom bar could be disabled/not shown if the user has no master/transport control.

For each layout view the user can select what he wants to see in each section, ideally app should save these so that the user can switch between layouts on the fly.

I only put progress for individual parts (I think part progress is much more important but there can be a general progress bar for the song as well).

Some views that are needed:

  • Layers\Stacks -good to see what instruments are set up for songs at a glance. No adjustments just a list with maybe key/zone mappings as a plus.
  • PDF -as important as chords view
  • Mixer -On the fly adjustments (should not be available if user has no master control)

Hi musicullum, can you give us an update on when all these will be implemented ?
I’m using an iPad Pro on stage for prompting the lyrics and the font size is much to small for my sight. There are also display bugs (half cut characters and desynchronisation at times…

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I would like to show pics via “Notes” on the mods, but there are only small white squares. i tried with jpg, png an gif …
Should this work?

No, as the image file is missing on the iPad. Maybe you can copy it somehow.
Or, use the VST Viewer.

Already mentioned elsewhere but a realtime clock please, plus if possible time remaining in current setlist.