VST Live no longer starts on Windows

I bought and installed the program yesterday and was able to use it as normal yesterday after successfully activating it under Windows 11. Today the program doesn’t start anymore. I reinstalled it again but that didn’t help. Even if I try to start the program as an administrator, the program does not start.

I need support please.


just give us some more details, please. Do you see the splash screen with “Checking License…”? Or where does it hang? Your license of VST Live is still visible and activated in your SAM application?

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thank you for the fast reaction. So it wasn’t my system. I was able to start the program , but there seems to be some kind of malfunction, sometimes the program works, sometimes it won’t start. That can’t be due to the license, it’s already visible in the SAM-Application on my computer.
Unfortunately the problem isn’t solved yet.

Did you activate VST2 plugins?

In general, when facing problems of this kind, it is a good idea to disable (temporary rename) VST plugin folders so to exclude the possibility of a plugin going wild.

Furthermore, the Help menus offers to “Clean all user data”, which might be worth a try.

I’d also like to add that when a plugin crashes during scan, it will be abandoned the next time you start VST Live, so sometimes it helps to just try to start VL one (or some) more time(s).

I found a small workarround that works (currently) is to double-Click a project file. I pointed Windows 11 to the VST Live EXE File but I think something is not working very well.

Micha asked for details. We can’t see what happens (or not) on your machine, so pls. help us out, otherwise it’s close to impossible to help you, thanks.

Hi, No I did not use VST-Plugins at all at the moment I am only working with Backingtracks/Chords and Lyrics.

So here is my System: for my Lenovo ThinkPad P15s Gen 2i

and the VST Live Pro App
I have a lot (!) Steinberg Software running very well and stable on this system - so I am pretty sure the Windows will not the problem here

Thank you. You are probably right that it isn’t about your system.
We just try to find out what actually happens (or not), as Micha asked:

Can you also check your SAM (Steinberg Activation Manager) if all is well there?

yes the licence is activated!

It happened several times that I close VL and when I start it again it freezes at “Checking License” then closes itself. There is no way to make it start correctly again unless I reboot the PC.
I also found conflicts with some VST3 and VST2 plugins that are working perfectly in Cubase and other DAWs. While scanning those plugins the app freezes. The only way to complete the starting is to exclude those plugins from it´s folders, start VL and then uncheck the option to scan plugins at startup.
There should be at least an option to bypass or blacklist those plugins so that the app can continue with startup. Anyway, those plugins are working ok and it´s a VL bug.

We will check the License problem, are you sure SAM is all set?
Could you please name a few of those plugins that fail on you? Also note that failing plugs do get blacklistet, so those should be skipped the next time you start VST Live.

Yes! Every 10 trys it starts - sometimes you have to restart the system - sometimes it starts when you double click on a project file. In the SAM everything is fine!
I am currently not using any plugins

Ok, I take you don’t like it, that’s ok, but a few remarks:

  • you can zoom mixer with slider on top
  • A Song in Tracks is the entire song. Parts switch between Parts (Intro, Verse etc) so their initial and foremost purpose is to switch sounds (Layers, Stacks) during a Song. What you want (and will get) is Parts as Markers (and then loops). While this is intuitively ok, you should have at least mentioned that you can have Parts triggered automatically by locating where you want them to be activated, and then click the (quite prominent) “Trigger” time to the right of each Part in the Setlist. In addition, those triggers can also be editied in the trigger list. As this is a vital function and at least partly provides what you critizise to not to have, it seems unfair to put it like that.
    There are some more “bähs” there but no time, rather improve it :slight_smile:
    We would be very grateful if you could send us the crash dump that has been saved, thanks you. You can PM me directly if that’s ok with you (auch deutsch).

To make that clear - I like it! And I am sure the “starting problem” can be solved.
I’m glad to use the Pro version, it will improve our live performance for sure!

Viele Grüße

Didn’t quite sound like that :slight_smile:
Yes, sorry about the license problem, we’re investigating.

Sorry, I was mistaken. I thought the video mentioned was from you - really sorry!

No Problem! :+1:

I had trouble with Roland 909 and 303 VST3 and with Ezbass and bass station VST2. These Plugins where not blacklisted and everytime I started VST Live the app freezed while scanning them. I had to move them from the folder to be able to complete startup.