VST Live no longer starts on Windows

… are you running Windows?
… you use the latest version of those plugins? Every detail will help.

Thank you

I tryed several things over the entire weekend but I cant finde a stabel workarround for the “Startingproblem”. I use on my system Cubase Pro, Wavelab Pro, Dorico Pro, SectraLayers Pro on this system - WITHOUT any problems, so I dont know/understand why VST Live has this starting problems. When I need to work with the application I have to do several restarts and trys to get it running. Not that fun anymore!

Running the Roland 909 VST3 w/o problems. Are you on Windows or OSX? Maybe update the plugin?

Also tried EzBass trial w/o problems on Windows.

EZbass now working, I deleted vst2 maybe was conflicting with vst3.
Roland 909 working (though all Roland plugins take more than a minute to load).
Roland D50 loading but no sound at all.
TB 303 not even detected.
All other Roland instruments working.
Thanks for taking the time to test. Don´t worry, I have all my main plugins working and you have more complex issues to handle.

Not here…
Btw there is an option in prferences not to scan plugins, which may speed up starting.

yep, I have that option disabled if not it takes more than 5 minutes to scan all plugins.

Would you happen to know which specific plugin causes this delay? You mentioned the Roland 303, correct? Does it do better if you disable that temporarily? Only have the 909 here to test. Are you on OSX? Thanks for helping!

After a long search I found out that Live was having problems with one of my Waves V12 plugins. I haven’t found out exactly which plugin yet, I uninstalled all of them first. Since then, Live can be started like any other Steinberg application.

I´m on Windows 10.
Roland plugins take a lot to be scanned.
I didn´t need to disable 303 anymore as it´s not detected, not sure if it has been blacklisted or what but the plugin does not appear in plugin list.
Now I have plugin scan at startup disabled.

Thank you, let us know if you find out more.

At the moment I can only share this with you. I made a screenshot of the splash-screen when VST freezes during startup prozess. Deleting the VST12 Plugins with the Waves Central Tool solved that problem. I will now reinstall the plugins one by one to find the problematic plugin.


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That’s very kind of you, thanks! Maybe apply the ‘successive approximation’ method: start with half of the plugs, if it crashes take half of those etc :slight_smile:

Removing Waves V12 Plugins has fixed it for me. I only had the Studio Rack Plugin (Free).
Thankyou for your post, saved me loads of head scratching.

Good to know - are you on Windows or OSX? Whit plugin issues it’s always good for us to know which platform, thanks.

… I’ve installed Studio Rack (Free), Latest Version. V13. Windows. No Problem. Maybe you can update to V13? It’s free. Meanwhile we are looking for V12.


To clarify the information regarding the plugin issues on my system that caused VST Live Pro to not launch. In the meantime I have updated my WAVES plugins to the latest version V14 and currently ONLY installed V14 compatible plugins and have had no more startup problems since then. It seems that the older V12 and V13 plugins are responsible for the startup problems.

Thanks for letting us know