VST live not working after installation cubase 13

I have installed cubase 13 on my machine (cubase 12 still installed) Unfortunately I’m not able to install VST live anymore… it crashes during installation and when I try to use the download installation assistent it shows the following screen. What to do?

Installed Cubase 13, de-installed VST Live and installed VST Live again without problems, both official 1.3.10, and todays’ 1.3.22.
Did you try to uninstall VST Live already? And did you start Cubase 13 beforehand? Windows, right?

Thanks Musicullum. I realized that Steinberg VST plugins where conflicting for whatever reason… so I’m now in the process of de-installing and re-installing everything again. Will let you know.Rgds

Nothing works for me here. Don’t know what to do anymore, de-installed the entire package of cubase… re-installed. VSt does not want to install anymore. Any suggestions? Win 11 pro

Hi Pieffe,

Did u try install the very version that @musicullum suggested? V1.3.22 released just a few hours ago, but that pre-version has to be downloaded from the link regarding todays pre-release (the downloader is pulling an older “but official” release :slight_smile:

Yes I have been trying to install v1.3.22 too.

Found the problem! I installed again the Generic lower Latency ASIO driver that comes with VSTLive update v1.3.22. Hereafter I’ve launched the VST live installer file. And it finally installed well this time… Somehow there was a conflict with the Gen Asio driver installed by Cubase 13, I guess

… really strange. We’ll analyse it,

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