VST Live on stage

As VST Live 1.4 is pretty stable for me, I will use it on stage for the first time this friday! I hope everything went well. I will play some backing and video tracks and control several midi devices for every song of the show.
Thanks to the developer team!


I want to share the same message! Thanks, team for getting this product so reliable already!
I am planning to use it on many different gigs this year, both in solo and large production settings. It is a joy how creative you can be by just knowing best live and finding some nice vst’s.

Good luck!

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I used it in live for 31 of december !
Everything was ok ! :slight_smile:

What functions of VST Live do you use?

For now, I’m using shared instruments, midi automation, backing track, metronome, notes, lyrics.

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So our Gig with VST Live worked perfect yesterday. All songs with audio, midi and video tracks, running from my surface tablet without any issues.


Great, thanks for letting us know!

hello. old thread I know. Im currently trying to set up a live show with backing tracks and video however I am struggling with being able to integrate the video. Could I contact you for some help?