VST Live pre-sales questions

(I couldn’t find anywhere to ask these types of questions, so I’ve created this topic, which I hope will also help others; I will update this initial post as I find the answers. If there is a question with no answer, that just means I haven’t yet found one.)

Please feel free to reply if you know the answer to any question, if you want to add a question, or especially if I’ve got it wrong here and it needs to be corrected [updated with corrections 20-Nov-2022 16:15]

Q. Can VST Live import Cubase project files (*.cpr)?
A. After VST Live is installed on a computer with Cubase, there will be an menu entry called “VST Live” inside the “File” menu of Cubase. The “VST Live” menu has then an entry called “Export Media Project…” With that entry you can export the Cubase project to a VST Live format file that can be loaded by VST Live (File/Import Media Project).

Q. Are only IOS (Apple) devices supported for the remote display of chords/lyrics/metronome etc.?
A. The VST Live Mods application is only released for iOS so far.

No. Only Cubase and Nuendo can open those files.

It’s actually File/VST Live/Export VST Live Project.
This exports a file that can be loaded by VST Live (File/Import Media Project).

So far, yes.