VST Live Pro doesn't start, and certainly, the SAM doesn't start either

At fist I thought my VST Live Pro was the only problem but I now more in to that it is the Steinberg Activation Manager that is the source of the problem.
When trying to start VST Live, it stops at “checking Licenses” and if I try to open the SAM it only givs me a white splash screen and the text at the top of the window telling me " Steinberg Activation Manager (Not Responding), I fully agree, It don’t.

Tried to find a cure on the web but all suggestions I have found so far doesn’t apply to my problem.
I’m on Windows 10-64 bit
I used the program for two weeks before this problem accured, no changes,just tryd to open the VL.

… oh! Have you tried to uninstall the “Steinberg Activation Manager” (SAM)? After a successful uninstallation, please install the latest version. Download it here.



Sadly no, same result, Not responding.

I will use Peaper for the next upcoming show but I’m still interested in VST Live Pro as a complement.
I Used the “Show Page” in Studio One last time we went on stage, it worked but did a awekening jump of 1/4 that made med not using that one again.
I really need help to be able to use VST Live as a backup program if Reaper let me down.


A: Can you please make a screenshot of your SAM application - when it hangs?
B : Look for the folder “C:\Users\Your_UserName\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Activation Manager”, zip it and send it to us.

Thank you,


I’m sending the files here.

Kind regards,
Lars Blomstrand

2022-12-15 18:45 skrev Michael Spork via Steinberg Forums:

Activation Manager.zip (11.6 KB)

… Thank you! I’ll get back to you soon. Promised.


It looks like some cached data files have got corrupted somehow. Can you delete everything in the C:\Users\larsb\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Activation Manager\Data\JSONCache directory and then try re-running SAM?

Thank you Richard, that worked so now I can open SAM again, the next problem accrued:

You should be able to download VST Live from here if SDA isn’t working VST Live updates and downloads | Steinberg (I’m afraid I’m not familiar with SDA - I work on SAM and Dorico.)

Okay, I try that after I reistall everything… again.

I am really sorry for your journey, @Lars_Blomstrand. I’ll talk to the SDA colleagues. Meanwhile I found another thread

It seems to be that your C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Install Assistant folder is damaged or not available. You can see that in your screenshot, too. Please check if the folder is there and rename it. Then create a new one. Does it work now?
Another suggestion is to change the download location in the SDA. To do this, please start the SDA and click to the “SETTINGS” icon. Now on left side change the folder of “Download Directory”.

Better now?


I did a complete reinstallation of “everything Steinberg” and did a registry cleaning too.
After that SAM worked, SDA worked but VST Live was not possible to reistall thrue SDA so I used the download link Richard gave me and intalled VST Liv from that file. After that I finaly could reistall VST Live with SDA.
So now I’m up and running again…