Vst live pro no installing normaly

Vst live pro on Mac mini silicon after installing dosnt show audio outputs and no sounds.

You gave access/permission in OSX sys prefs to VL access to all (Mic, Disk, Files,…)
I guess, you’ve set all under dropdown menu:

  1. Audio Setup
  2. Connections/Audio

@fkalmus is correct. Please check that VST Live has access to the Microphone. Open the “System Preferences” of your macOS System. Then select “Security & Privacy”, then the tab “Privacy” and the item “Microphone”. “VST Live” should have a tick.

Does it work now?


I checked it initially.
It seems that there is another problem. When I open input and output devices, there is no possibility to change anything and these boxes are empty. But when I connect an external sound card, then the options to change something appear for this card. It is about the built-in sound card. But at the same time Cubase 13 does everything perfectly.
I have New mac mini silicon pro 2

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can you please open the “Applications / Utilities / Audio MIDI Setup”. Select the “Audio Devices” and make a screenshot of it. I would like to check the available devices. You can drop it here or send me a PM message.

Thank you,

Thanks Mihael. I will send screenshot later.

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