VST Live Pro SYSEX feature - request

Hi @Herber_Schmitt,

We are talking about the “Remote 10” Track? I’ve seen that a Volume Message will be sent before the SysEx messages, because the Volume Fader is not set to OFF.

Can you please do another test?

  1. Load the project
  2. Move the Volume Fader of “Remote 10” to OFF
  3. Move the first Clip to 2.1 and the second one to 4.1
  4. Move the Playhead to 1.1
  5. Start Transport

… is it better now?


Hi Michael, thanks for the quick support.
Unfortunately, no. There is no change.
I had already tried that. I thought maybe it was due to the positioning in bar

Regarding the test project, you can basically delete all tracks except track 10. It contains the sysex data.
I have already done that too…
I also only created a single device in the Connections and only allowed one MIDI out to the keyboard. In other words, I created a one-way street. Only track data (sysex) goes out. That doesn’t help either.

VST Live sees the first sysex entry and starts looping immediately. (10-20 sec.)
I can tell by the yellow control light.
And this is where I can see the difference.
With Cubase (currently) Vers 13.
Everything works flawlessly. Same computer, same MOTU driver…
Same device environment, same routing.

Perhaps another MOTU midiexpress XT user can comment on this.
The device is certainly installed in many racks.

Thanks for your effort.
Greetings Herbert

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We found the problem.
VST Live sends too many data (Windows only) with SysEx. While it should not, this appears to confuse the MOTU. That is not to say that it is to blame in any way, it is our fault.
Of course, this will be fixed with the next update. We apologize for this bug, there was a missing delimiter such that data after the sysex in memory was sent, and that could have been anything. Most devices will simply discard those bytes, but randomly it may contain “useful” data that can confuse the receiving party.

Oh… I’m glad to hear that you’ve found something.
I was already doubting my sanity.
As I do a bit of programming myself, it is particularly interesting for me that you also provide the reason for the error. Thank you very much for that.

For your information. VST Live has shown this behavior in conjunction with MOTU express XT since version 1.2.4.xxx. I don’t know if you want to change anything in the old release version.

Of course I’m looking forward to next Friday when this is fixed.
Greetings Herbert

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While browsing the Steinberg.net site this afternoon, I came across the VST Live 2.0.20 update. I immediately downloaded the new version and of course loaded and tested my Sysex test project.

My MOTU midi express XT worked immediately. No more midi data flooding and destruction of the MOTU setup.

Super work. You did a great job👍

All Yamaha keyboard players will be very grateful to you
and I will continue working on my project.

Greetings Herbert

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