VST Live Pro - Why u so slow?

I’m new to VST Live Pro and the Forum. Have been a long time Cubase Pro user though.
Just recently bought VST Live Pro and love the features but am having major issues - it’s acting extremely laggy and slow, it will sometimes take 5-10s just to react to to my mouse clicks, making it frustratingly unusable.

What I’m using:
VST Live with mostly 6-8 Stereo Audio Tracks imported for Playback, going to separate Outputs
RME UFX Soundcard
Mac Book Pro 13"(2020), 2.3 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i7
RAM: 16 GB 3733 MHz LPDDR4X
Graphics: Intel Iris Plus Graphics 1536 MB

I’ve used (and still use) this setup on countless recording and mixing projects with waaaaayyyyy more CPU usage and low latency VSTi stuff. With the buffer set to maximum there’s no improvement, also none using the internal Soundcard or my RME Babyface Pro,
I haven’t even gotten to the stage of using Stacks, Layers or MIDI and DMX (which I plan to do as soon as this issue is resolved), because the Audio Tracks Playback and simple editing is the most important feature I’d like to use.
Thank you so much for your help! Cheers

Hi @Harry_Darling,

which OS version are you using? Can you give us some more hints when exactly VL gets slow? What about “Start VL, New Project”? Slow? Or when does it start to be laggy? Maybe only in Fullscreen mode? Every tiny hint is very helpful.

Thank you,

Thanks for your answer and pardon for the lack of info.
I have OS Big Sur 11.6.7 installed.
It’s a bit hard to tell what triggers it. To me VL constantly feels slightly laggy (Cubase Pro 11 is much more responsive) but then it will suddenly get much worse, I can’t exactly say from what. If I open a project after a computer restart and only use Song selection and hit play, then it seems fairly stable. As soon as I begin to do more “advanced” things like routing outputs and inputs of Tracks, moving /editing Audio Events or zooming the Sequencer window. It will sometimes be ok for a while but eventually break down, even if I’m going very slowly to allow time to compute my simple actions. Once that happens all hope is lost.
Restarting VL and "New Project” does seem to work (for a while at least). I’ve tried making the same project this way multiple times and at some point it starts to hang again. I would much prefer not to rebuild my projects every time.
I haven’t used fullscreen mode at all yet, only a fully expanded window.
I’m using 48k/24 Bit Audio. I’m not running any other applications apart from RME Totalmix.

Could it have anything to do with the new licensing software?

… can you please install the latest version 1.1.10? It’s better now?


Hi Michael,
Thanks for the tip, I didn’t see the new version. So far it appears to run smoothly! I’ll play around with it tomorrow and hope it remains stable. So looking forward to diving in to this awesome program! :slight_smile: