VST live setlist / song load/save badly broken

see yourself!
If there is no fix i will have to memorize everything by hand and redo all settings manually!

I don’t know what you mean.
To activate the selected setlist you need to click the strange item at the top left (which will be replaced next version).

sorry i thought it is obvious:
From a point in time on all songs show the same (wrong) name in the setlist.
Neither filenames nor their title (see them on the right) have that name.
the original song with that name is not seen in the screebshot, because it is #2 in the list

Oh ok, now I see. Tried several ways with a large project to reproduce it, but to no avail.
Do you have any receipt how to reproduce this? If not, it would be good to know some more details: the setlist in question (which shows those wrong entries), does it have as many Parts as the one shown? So the question is if it is just displayed the wrong way, or if those items don’t exist at all, not even with a different name?

the length of both lists is identical. The song showing up in the setlist several times had been saved as default some weeks ago, because it makes a good template. Played around with changing the default song layers and found an interesting bug: After deleting all layers but one i saw in the INSTRUMENT field the name of the first MIDI input! Maybe you could check in your code if a database pointers´ first entry or the exception handling for a border condition (first entry?) is wrong. Also after changing to a VST, opening the VST edit window, exiting it and re-entering it again, the GUI is broken, just a small rectangle of it´s upper left corner is shown. See screenshot.

Tried several different VSTs.

This might help delimiting the position of the bug:

  • created a new project:
    Default song Title “findouttest 1”, file name find out test one.vlsong.
  • Loaded a song GOT. In front of the default song - we discussed… but for bugfixing this may help BEAUSE:
    Created setlist. Now i see two songs named GOT in the list…
    Tried to check the .vlsong files to possibly help but there is only binary sh*t in it . So i cannot help.

We found and fixed that already, fix is available with the next version, thanks for pointing.

Good hint, thanks. But still can’t get it to behave like that. Another question: would you happen to have created a Global Part? Will try to watch out for problems with setlists.

Are you sure it was an input? And is your MIDI input a physical one? There may exist a MIDI output with the same name, also plugins can be both MIDI inputs or outputs.

One more question: The setlist problem looks like a graphical glitch to me. If that were true, your setlist should play fine, only the entries in the setlist editor have the wrong name, is that correct?

yep, forgot to mention that. the vst itself is playing correctly.

About the complete alien entry in the layer:
can it be that there is either an entry missing in your file structure - or one entry too much ? That might explain, that this strange border can be skipped - are the MIDI IN and instrument entries stored directly adjacently?

new bug: When that new short project is open and i try to open the bugged large one , VST live crashes to desktop

new finding: When loading a song into the long project, all duplicate names in all setlists in the project are replaced by that one´s song title
When deleting that song and creating a new setlist, that entries in all setlists stay wrong on that title.
Trying to delete one of the corrupted setlists results in a crash to desktop
Trying to create a new project and answering yes if i want to save the current results in a crash to desktop

Found another thing.
Some songs have lost the default Part “Part 1”.

Quite possible that this is responsible for most of these strange errors and bugs, totally inconsistent transportation of MIDI port namings into instrument fields and repetition of wrong song titles, isn´t it ?

In old backups from pre 1.0.40 i cannot find such chopped song structures.

Tried rebuilding songs from individual layers via cut and paste.
In a new project.
Still crashes to desktop
Setlist naming bug still there

So i´d assume the structure even of the copied Layers (using cut and paste) is broken.

What means i´ll have to do everything manually and from scratch now.
Beginning with uninstall existing and new install 1.1
Dozens of hours.

Reinstalled. Bugs still there.
Where does LIVE keep it´s settings? How to create a vanilla reinstall?


Help/Clean all user data.
But that will probably not fix your problem.

If you can reproduce by using a presumably damaged layer, can you send one along with a description of how to reproduce? Crashes are not acceptable, but tried hard to reproduce without “success”.

Hi musicullum

just sent a selection of songs and projects plus some screenshots showing the GUI to Spork via mail

We could identify and fix all of the issues. Thank you so much for helping us with this!