VST Live Stacks Preloading

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I’m seriously considering buying VST live - I love the idea of running my guitar through it and triggering different amps and pedals for different parts of the song, and being able to pre-mix my level with a backing track would be as plug-and-play as you can get!

The problem I’ve had so far is that stacks don’t seem to pre-load in the same way as layers do. So for example I’ve set up a song to have four parts, each with a patch using Guitar Rig 6. At the moment at the transition point there’s a second or so of no guitar sound while the new instance of Guitar Rig loads, which renders the whole thing useless.

I can get around this if I click each Part and let it load, and then play the song. But surely that’s what the ‘pre-load’ feature is for? Sure enough, it works with pre-loading heavy VST instruments like east west play on layers, but not for VST effects on stacks.

Is this a planned update? or is there something I’m missing? If there were a way of automating plugin controls as the song progresses, I could use that to enable and disable pedals etc. in guitar rig I suppose?

On another note, is there an android companion app planned?

Also on the topic of the companion app, I have a drummer who would love to be able to use the app to view drum notation or other things as the song plays, anything planned that could perhaps display images or PDF pages as the song progresses?

There has been interest from others in this too. I think the developers have said it is planned.

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you are right. Preload for Stacks is in the making.

That is already exsisting, there are Notes and PDF Viewer for iOS. Android is planned but will take a while.

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Thank you for the quick and concise reply. I’m excited to see how features develop :slight_smile: I’m probably not looking to switch over to it for gigs yet until early next year so hopefully by then that will be implemented!

Seems like the dev team is really responsive, and the community is helpful and active, so it’s something I’m happy to invest in!